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Redwolf Jackfish Rig

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Yup, They seem to appear @ random in Canadian Tire stores. (at least that's where I've seen them most).

Sometimes I'd spot them @ WAL-MART too...

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but don't forget to cut 2 hooks off



.. or you can just bait 4 and leave the other 2 bare!... 4 baited hook points or 6 hook points to a lure eh!!! ;)



... or you can purchase the much stronger but more expensive 4 hook Hayabusa Sabiki rig! :Gonefishing::thumbsup_anim:

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the way I read it 4 hooks, I don't see any other way of looking at it


Hook – A hook includes a single-pointed or multiple-pointed hook on

a common shaft but does not include a snagger or spring gaff. The

number of hooks includes any single-pointed or multiple-pointed

hooks that are part of a lure.

Hooks and Lines – An angler may use only one line, unless

otherwise stated in the regulations. Two lines may be used when

angling from a boat in parts of the Great Lakes (see Exceptions

to the General Regulations) and for ice fishing in many areas

(see Ice Fishing, page 11). A fishing line must not have more

than four hooks attached.

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