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  1. How goes the build? It's been awhile since any updates and I think this was one of the best threads on the board. Even more entertaining the the Donald Trump posts!
  2. if all you haver to worry about is people replying to your posts after you have had the opportunity to fish all day, consider yourself a lucky man!!!
  3. I have moored my boat there many times camping on a G. Bay site. No issues at all.
  4. This site may be useful: http://www.small-cabin.com/forum/
  5. Who ever invented the saying "Sleeping like a baby", should get a kick in teeth! I remember the same thing when my youngest was that age. It may not seem like it will end, but it will. I would keep trying the bottle and that way both of you can share the responsibility a bit. If you can swing it, hire a housekeeper once in awhile, to help your wife with the stress levels. I remember your feeling. The worse for me was the occasional feelings of resentment towards my baby, followed by extreme feelings of guilt for feeling that way. Man, parenthood is a crazy ride. That being said, I could never picture anything else!
  6. Well said. Cat lover or not, thank about the family. Especially if there is a child that would miss it.
  7. I was at my old faithful spot today and didn't even get a flush. Funny how it works. I was there last week, bagged 3 and flushed out 10.
  8. Saw this today while at a stop light. Any ideas what this configuration would be for?
  9. We had a cottage on Dow bay for years and I spent all of my childhood summers growing up there. You can fish from shore right at the point and there are smallies and the occasional largemouth to be found in the rocks. If you take a drive into midland, and find the Martyr's shrine the river (I think it's the wye) is a good place for rockies, and bass and the occasional pike. You won't miss where to park. Little lake used to be a good place for the kids as well, but I am not sure if you can fish in there anymore. Good luck!
  10. I would suggest the Weatherby SA-08 semi auto. Youtube it, you will not find a bad review. The Remington express is becoming poorer as time goes on. It's prone to jamming. If you can buy an older express, you would likely be okay, but I would still recommend an SA-08
  11. 5 years of strong my boat and never used antifreeze. My thoughts are if you have 15+ feet of live well hose and maybe a 6inch low spot in there somewhere holding water, let it freeze and the water would just expand up the line a bit. It not like these are copper pipes - no big deal.
  12. I wonder if there are down riggers on the back of it?
  13. And they will come looking. We had the same scenario. The best advise my lawyer gave me when closing the house was to tuck money away. He was right!
  14. I stumbled across one of these years back road tripping in the US and bought it. http://www.racorstoragesolutions.com/p/detail/phl-1r My only regret is I did not buy 2.
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