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Pike gave the fight of a lifetime!


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This past weekend my bro and I fished a small lake near his place. It was our first time out on the lake so we were just covering water to see what the lake had. We were drifting over a deep weedbed, I was throwing a white and red spinnerbait and my bro was throwing a small husky jerk. It didn't take long to have a couple fish take swipes at my spinner bait. One fish took about 4 swipes until it finally got pinned, but it was just a little pike. We weren't sure if we were going to keep any yet so we decided to toss it back.


Not long after that my bro hooked up. It would run a bit and then sit still like a log that you can just barely move. Then it would run a bit more and then stop again. We thought we had a huge pike on. Fought it for a few minutes and it wasn't getting closer to the boat so we chased it down a bit. My bro was getting pumped. That is until we got to where the fish was. His line was completely vertical and no sign of a fish. Then it ran a bit more so we new there was something on the other end. It stopped running and just sat there like i don't know...a big clump of weeds maybe... After it didn't move for a few minutes we decided to wrap the braided line around the net handle and try to pull whatever it was up. We got it moving, got the net ready, and netted the monster!


If you look closely in the pic you'll see the fish! It was definitely the heaviest pike I have ever seen :P!




Its a bit hard to tell but the clump of weeds was probably 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Made for one heavy fish! By the time we got the thing to the boat I think it had fought itself to death, it wasn't even twitching anymore. So this fish was destined for the pan. We ended up catching another small pike about the same size so we kept it to make a nice meal out of it.


Its too bad the pike wasn't bigger but it gave us a good story to tell.

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