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  1. 2012 Ford F-150 5.0L XTR 5.5 box Super Crew 1000k to a tank highway. Towing my boat 750k $160 to fill the tank
  2. Hey Tupelo, It sounds like the trim and tilt switch is malfunctioning at the shifting controls in your boat. How old is your package? If you want to PM me the serial number of your outboard. I can check with Mercury about your warranty. Cheers
  3. LOL... No sales pitch, I do fish alone most the time. We should get out Misfish!!
  4. Hey Caribou, It's a great time to start looking for a boat. But I would probably stick to buying in Ontario. The dollar is not at it's greatest moment right now and you'll sure be adding extra cost for nothing. Buying across the border is great and pictures do explain a thousand words but nothing like seeing the boat in person. Check out marinas give them a call, most people who purchased a new boat will trade in there used. Marinas usually do a trade evaluation on the boat to see if it's even worth there time to resell to the next customer. If your looking at a private sale then make sure you still take it to a marina to have it inspected, sorta like a certification. Happy Boat Hunting. Cheers
  5. Hey Greenhorns, Welcome to Barrie neighbour, I use to live in Orillia for over 18 years but recently moved to Angus. I do a lot of competitive fishing and work at Legend Boats. My days off are usually Wednesday and I spend a lot of time on the water. If your bored and wanna hit the water. Shoot me a PM and maybe we can get on the water. Cheers
  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments. It's always nice to share memories with everyone on here. Plus if I loose my pictures I can always come back to get them Manjo39: I currently run a 2013 18 Xtreme with a 115hp 4-Stroke. My hull is the exact same as yours, we just changed the colours a bit and raked back the windshield.
  7. Hello Fellow OFNers, It's been a very long time since my last post and I gotta thank work for keeping me busy lol. BUT it get's the bills paid so I can keep fishing. I had a pretty interesting year. My wife and I bought our first house together and cut our commute down to 20 mins from work. I do miss living in Orillia and being able to launch my boat when I got off work in less than 15 mins and fishing in 10. But such is life, now I live near barrie and can explore the south end of lady Simcoe. Here are some pictures to recap my year. I had a fantastic time fishing tournaments, cash a couple of chq's to cover expenses and cruising with the wife and our new pup. Let's get to the pictures, if you wanna share your memories this year. I love to see them, makes winter pass quickly lol. This was during the CSFL Fall Challenge on Lake Couchiching. We finished the event in 3rd place after a cold and wet 2 day event. Best part was a shiny medal. You always catch the big ones when they don't count but HEY JACK! that's how the cookies crumbles Putting some money back in the bank is always weird after fishing lol Our first boat ride with our puppy. She's a Shiba Inu and her name is hana. Right now she's growing like crazy and acting like a teenager... sigh This has to be the highlight of my season. I took our District Sales manager and his son out on Lake Eugena for a day of fishing. Started off with Senko's and our arms where tired by the end of the day. All I can say is there hooked! I hope everyone enjoys the photo's. There is a lot more pictures and I'll try to add some more to my gallery in the near future. Tight lines everyone and have a safe holiday.
  8. Check out this link it will get you back on the water safely. LINK: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/mediaroom/backgrounders-b04-m055e-1329.htm#Licensing_and_registration
  9. Wow looks like an awesome time. Hope the fishing is great and the boat is treating you well
  10. Ya... times change and technology change ain't really a bad manufacture out there if you stick with quality names
  11. Sorry for the delay. The launch is across from blue beacon and they charge $20
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