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Lake Temagami Finally Frozen Over

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The lake has finally skinned over.


Give it a few days to be safe guys if you don't know the lake WELL !


Borrowed these pictures from "Bush-pilot" off the Ottertooth site. He flies Air ambulance and goes over almost daily.



Ferguson Bay with a bit of open water on Saturday Afternoon..pretty sure that's Red Squirrel Lake in the background...



The Northeast Arm looking West. Those are the Broom Islands and the open expanse of water is my summer Laker trolling area...most is 140 FOW or better.




Looking North from Narrows Island at the entrance to the SouthWest Arm. Narrows Island is the land mass in the lower right quarter...so that would make the Island 3/4 of the way up the right side of the shot Cattle Island and behind it the Bear Island Reserve. The land in the left of the picture is mainland between Lake T and Gull Lake




This means that those that use them, like Moosebunk, may actually be able to get down to Tamar vacations island very soon.

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