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  1. My best to you're son for a speedy recovery Mike. I suppose this means that you might have a chance at catching some fish when you're out now though doesn't it?
  2. Thats the only way I would imagine that scene
  3. Nice going those are some beatiful walleye... And its always a laugh when you can get one hungry bugger who just wants a bite to eat
  4. Looks like you had a heck of a time. Glad the fish co-operated and you had some nice weather going on too
  5. Wow, looks like a great time. Looks like the scenery made up in part for the lack of fishing success. I hope to make a trip up there sometime in the near future, and this seems to give me the extra push I need to start planning and get the heck out there. Thanks for another great report
  6. haha, I know I have kind of ducked away, but the term is done and I will have more time to fish and hopefully chat with the OFNers. Thanks for the wishes much appreciated.
  7. Very sorry to hear Bernie, but a peaceful passing is much better than the pain it may have endured. My thoughts are with you and you`re family.
  8. Very sorry for you and you're families loss. My condolences to you all.
  9. Nice going guys, looks like a heck of a time despite the freezing cold temps and lack of fish activity...
  10. Bet they gave out a few thousand unnecessary numbers last year with that little screw up... Glad to hear they got it cleared up, cause I even had a CO warn about not having numbers but he was giving "free passes" because most didn't know and it was an ignorant mistake.
  11. Lets also remember that over time DNA in all species degrades and as such more mutated, unhealthy genes are added to the gene pool, hence it may in fact be helpful to a popuation to remove the very old fish. Hmm, maybe that would make a good topic for some thesis study... Got me thinking.
  12. Thanks Glen, I will give it a try. Are any of the baitfish you can catch on sabiki's and such any good for bait?
  13. Ok so over the holiday I have the opportunity to go down to the Georgia coast. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the area around Brunswick and in particular St. Simons sound and Sea Island. I have only done limited Surf fishing with very good success but want to get some advice from all of you. I know the basics, and have had a heck of alot of luck using Live/Fresh dead shrimp on sliding sinker rigs/pyramid sinkers and casting into the surf, as well as off of piers. Any Help on the area or techniques would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance all!
  14. Thanks for the comments all, and the scenery was unbelievable, more so in person where you get the whole view. We were on top of one of the taller breaks, and it was a really neat feeling, a birdseye view of the whole valley.
  15. That is what one of mine was this year, and to fish for walleye up in LOTW/Eagle lakes. Got to do the latter but the former did not get fulfilled, YET, but not for lack of trying, mostly lack of daylight and time I did get my PB pike though, 40"er and some other nice specimens so I can't complain too much. Next goal: Catch a Steelhead out here in BC, hopefully in the skeena, or kitimat or a surrounding river/tributary. Glad to hear so many of you did well this year
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