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Dave Mercers Premier...

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but it was worth it!!! (NO open bar though!!! I was pretty sure that was promised somewhere)


1/2 hour (25 min actually) of Dave's philosophy on fishing, business and RECORDS LOL


I think we have a winner here folks... If I was gonna do a TV show... (IF I could fish that is) I'm pretty sure it would be right along these lines... Bravo Dave!!! I can't wait till it starts.


Here are some pics of the event.. I tried to get my camera into the theatre... but the security guards took it away ... very hush hush you know! LOL






A picture of the New Truck Dave gave me...




Free popcorn for all.... is this what they call an open bar??




Oh and free pop....








Those that couldnt wait for the movie...... Breakfast??




The Show... The Poster......




Thanks to Subway for my lunch on the ride home!!!!



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Yes, I'm still reminiscing about it now TJ, that was a whole lotta fun for sure. And those subs were delicious.


It was great seeing you two again, too bad it wasn't for longer.


Glad you made it home safe and sound.



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Hey TJ...thanks for working out that contest for those tickets...Bly and I had a great time there this morning. It was great seeing your and Monique again....and glad to see you got home ok. Here's a few pics I'll add to your thread....






TJ may look short, but in actual fact Dave is 8 feet tall.....at least he was that big on the screen this morning....hehe.

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"4 hours down... 4 hours back.."


....Sheeeesh, I hope you submitted your fuel expenses to the boss for reimbursement?


Tis good though to see you all had a great day. :)

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