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  1. one of the biggest reasons i stopped smoking cigarettes was cigars.. I love my cigars but I smoke 1 or 2 a week. It was much better than 2 packs of cigarettes a day even though each cigar is worth about the same as a pack of smokes
  2. keep it up!! Going on 2 and half years right now.. Its all mental, the physical part I found wasn't difficult, its just breaking the routine.
  3. a couple hours past bed time for a lifetime of memories... well worth it
  4. while I agree with you, it's not that others don't want to post but how many times can you say " great story" "thank you for sharing" " amazing trip". It seems like your padding your post count. I am one that absolutely loves everyone's stories, and reports. This is one of the few forums where many on here go to lengths to paint the picture and make you feel like you're there with them in their reports. As for the political posts, that's an easy avenue to [email protected]#$% bout the world and what its becoming. People are less likely to praise that to [email protected]#$%. its just how we are wired.
  5. for the area that they are going to Dredge I think its a excellent idea. that section of the lake is very shallow and during the summer months its just a pile of sloppy algae. Deepening certain parts of the lake would be great and hopefully lessen the lake of some of the choking algae during June-July.
  6. i hope its just a phase you young kids just go through Have a great trip out East.
  7. My kids love going to the pond every year at the Ex. Going on Thursday, hope to see you there if you're volunteering again. Nick
  8. I made the jump this year and let me tell you it is NOT cheap to target those toothy buggers!! New rod $350+ , New reel $400+, 12 lures $20 average each .... still missing bolt cutters, terminal tackle ( barrel swivels, swivel snaps, etc) It's worth it once you catch a few thou... Good luck
  9. hahahahah..... can't stop laughing! hahahahah
  10. Great job!! at that age you're just introducing the little man to the game. Its all about having fun for them and snacks lol... Keep it up, many parents can learn from this example.
  11. awesome report!!! Thank you for sharing!
  12. have you played with the frequency? One works better than the other ( i think its 200) After I changed my frequency it made a world of difference.
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