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  1. I have a dSLR with multiple lenses that I use for most of my photos and all of my long shutter or fast action photos. I have a long zoom point and shoot for distant bird and wildlife photos, a GoPro for underwater, a trail cam for stealth photos and a drone for aerial photography. Each has it's purpose but there isn't one that does everything. While you did say general, I think that leaves the field too wide open. As Terry asked, I think you need to be a bit more specific. Here are a few other questions: Waterproof or non-waterproof? Big zoom or not? Good in low light? What sort of accessories are there - i.e. can you attach a filter More for point and shoots but do you want a viewfinder or not? I don't find using the LCD very effective, particularly in bright light (think how well you can see your phone in direct sunlight) and my personal preference is to get a camera with a viewfinder. I'm guessing you aren't interested in a mirrorless or dSLR but those do give you the ability to expand your options without buying a whole new camera. I know nothing about mirrorless cameras so I have no comment on that style. Hopefully that helps a bit. Jon
  2. I checked the FMZ16 regulations and didn't see any exceptions to the regular trout and salmon season for Etobicoke Creek (i.e. no extended fall or year round season) so I would say it is currently closed for those species until the 4th Saturday in April. Since there are no seasons for coarse fish like Creek Chub or White Sucker, fishing isn't technically closed, though. As far as the dam/fishway goes, and the charges from 2013, I am guessing it is the old dam on the Toronto Golf Club property. If so, I don't think there is a fishway there. There has always been a regulation about fishing downstream from a dam ("It is illegal to fish in any manner within 23 m downstream from the lower entrance to any fishway, obstruction, or leap"). I have always treated dams as obstructions and therefore fishing within 23 yards of them as illegal. And I my interpretation of the regs is correct, they were also fishing out of season so I'm surprised they weren't charge for that instead of the fishing below a dam rule. And finally, the photo is a Creek Chub. Jon
  3. Jon

    Go pro camera

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a Hero9 so I have a GoPro Hero5 that I would be willing to part with. No headstrap or remote but it comes with 2 batteries, charger, Telesin Dome Port and an extra dome and I could probably round up a few mounts. Here is a link to the dome - Telesin Dome Jon
  4. I don't support this and know I'm in the minority on this site when it comes to this proposal. Regardless of whether this is a good or bad mangement approach, I think this will end up reflecting poorly on hunters (and to a certain extent anglers) as not everyone will retrieve what they shoot and uncollected birds will wash up on shorelines and beaches and then the complaints will start. Birds that die of natural causes will also contribute to the poor optics for hunters as people won't differentiate between culled birds or natural death. Gun owners already have their backs against the wall and I fear this will be more ammunition (pardon the pun) for the anti-gun lobby. Jon
  5. I have an older MSR gravity filter, which was a replacement for an even older hand pump system. It is a great filter and I assume pretty similar to the one here. One small disadvantage is that the water in the reservoir warms up during the day whereas with a pump, you may get cooler water if your intake is a bit deeper than the water's surface. I would buy another gravity filter in a heartbeat rather than one of the hand pump ones. Here is the filter I have - MSR Water Filter Jon
  6. I thought input for this proposal closed March 31st? FMZ20 Bass Season Proposed Changes Jon
  7. I have seen Steve and his students present in the past and have chatted with him numerous times. He is very knowledgeable and has looked into numerous issues directly related to angling (e.g. post-survival release and fish movement). Very worthwhile listening to if you are available. Here is a link to his lab at Carleton. Cooke Lab Jon
  8. In advance of trout season opening on Saturday, Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is reminding anglers CVC parks remain closed to all activities including fishing. See the news release below for more information: CVC News Release Jon
  9. And we haven't even had the discussion about whether or not people should go to the cottage...
  10. And I think Greg Clark wrote for the Toronto Star before they did. The Trout Unlimited Canada chapter on the Credit is named after him.
  11. From the province yesterday - "Green spaces in parks, trails, ravines and conservation areas that aren't otherwise closed would remain open for walkthrough access, but individuals must maintain the safe physical distance of at least two metres apart from others." The emphasis is mine but I'm trying to find out if this means fishing is also closed in municipal parks since anglers are not walking through. Ontario extends emergency Jon
  12. Central Mudminnow for sure. Hopefully the link works. Ontario Freshwater Fishes Database - Central Mudminnow. Jon
  13. Credit Valley Conservation closed their CAs and trails today and the Ganaraska River Conservation Authority's Conservation Areas are also closed. Provincial and National Parks are also closed/closing. It will be interesting to see how this affects spring Rainbow Trout fishing. Jon
  14. All of Conservation Halton's and the Grand River's parks are now closed. For Mountsberg, I'm sure that includes both sides of the reservoir. Conservation Halton Parks Jon
  15. If you are looking to go for a GoPro and interested in spending the additional money, I think the Hero8 Black is a fantastic option. I have a Hero6 and I find the frame to be a pain. The Hero8 gets rid of the frame and allows for additional attachments. Plus better image stabilization. If you have the ability to order/ship to the US, GoPro currently has a $100 off promotion if you trade in any camera.
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