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  1. Wowza!!! What a clean fish! Awesome to capture such a memorable experience on a quality picture
  2. Awesome report man. If fishing was easy then there wouldnt be much value to this passion we all share. It is just a matter of time before your little guy hooks up with some fish. Gotta love both of your persistence to the hunt. Good luck!
  3. Thank you for your claim to overcome your challenges, and for the excellent fishing report. Mental health and addiction is an enormous mass that holds people down. Expressing the importance of awareness and avoiding the cloak of its darkness is a true testament to helping youself as we as others. It is so valuable to recognize how an individual like youself can lift themselves up from such a vulnerable situation and turn life around. You have fought your way through to surviving the harshest pain, and your passion is supported by this fishing community so continue to be strong by doing what you love to do! Now get out and catch more fish. Congrats on all of your successes!
  4. Funny that you mention this. I feel the same way about my success with the Pickerel. We have fished the lake for 7 years almost exclusively for Lakers, however we do make some attempts at Pickerel and Pike. I have invested many hours on the troll, bouncing, and jigging for those golden buggers with very little results. Lots of after dark fishing for lakers and pickerel into the early morning hours. No Pickerel. That's just me. There could be 5 boats around us catching eyes and I am quickly caught with my pants down wondering why the tree limb spooled with a ball of yarn and rock tied to it is not doing the trick. Scratch head. Toot and wonder where that sound just came from. Scratch head again. I dont mind or let it bother me. It is a huge body of water for me to say that Pickerel are tough to find when I havent covered it all. We have covered most central areas and all southern and through Cross, but have never ventured to the northern arms. I expect to in the future. The Temagami trip was set for next week, but we cancelled for Parry Sound. Gonna have to wait until next year. Love Temagami. Such a beautiful place with or without the Pickerel. Good luck!
  5. Striker Hardwater Floatation Bibs Overalls ***BRAND NEW WITH TAGS** I bought these bibs/overalls brand new from a US retailer. They are too big for me. Size is Medium. My small bibs have arrived and they fit like a glove. Before I return them, I have decided to try selling them to save on my shipping costs back to the US store. They do not cover the shipping costs for returns. I will be needing $300 for the bibs. If I don't get that I will just return them and send them back. You will be saving some money. Perhaps these mediums are not even available at the local outdoor stores. I will be breaking even. Will indicate ***SOLD*** on title when they are sold and unavailable Thanks
  6. Very common issue that becomes quite the annoyance after a while. I built a modular frame using some leftover PVC pipe from a septic job to fit over the mooring cover. There is a post in the mid section to support the length of the spine. For the winter setup, ratchet straps are fastened to various points on the frame and pulled into the mooring cleats to prevent shifting or separation. Just drape the cover over the frame/motor, tighten up, and there you go! Everything comes apart for easy storage. Perhaps something similar to this design will help with your options.
  7. The GoPro 7 Black has been discounted with the release of the 8's. They are amazing cameras. Most impressive is the video stabilization. You can run with the camera in your hand, and the video literally floats like drone footage. The audio quality has been tremendously improved over the prior versions. I have used the 6's and didn't come close to the 7's. Low light conditions are managed well through software and lens. You will be amazed. I can't speak for any other competitive devices, but I can assure you that the 7's will do the job. I mount them on my snowmobile and motorcycle helmets, to the side around the cheek. And when I don't have a bucket on, I use the head mount which is similar to how your headlamp straps to your noggin. Gopro's now have voice command, so when it's mounted on my head rather than chasing the on button you can tell it to start recording, alternatively available are remote controls.
  8. Here are a handful from our 2019 Trip:
  9. Such a tragedy and so very sad. Highest condolences to Kevins life circle of family and friends and to all those who have lived through his amazing journeys on the water. An endless loss to the fishing community. May he rest in peace. Huzz ... Such a peaceful claim to Kevins transition on his last night doing what he loved to do. Amazing image of a dream we all share ... Kevins life ended way too soon. I am lost for words
  10. If you end up blowing out the hub bearings, the hub will ride on the axle / nut, and eventually ream out the hub enough that it cannot retain the bearing. I learned the hard way on my way back from Temagami this year. I would strongly suggest packing a full hub assembly and stashing it in the boat, as G.Mech has mentioned. It left me stranded for a long time. I had everything else but
  11. I see a few posts above relating to the Princecraft products. Yes, they have some nice boats, but try getting the attention of their customer service. It is next to impossible. I bought the Xpedition 17 (dual side console) with the Pro XS OptiMax new off the lot. It had immediate issues, and consequently the service we received from Princecraft was terrible. Don't get me wrong, I love the product and its overall quality, but their service ... wow. I have hopes that they are reading this. I am still haunted by the disappointing experiences to this day. I had expressed every issue in a very respectful and professional manner, but they chose to ignore my polite submissions, both phone calls and emails. The issues mainly came down to workmanship; many of the buttons studs for the top where tapped in the wrong locations, electrical problems at the dash, dealership confusions with orders, and instant motor problems (Mercs responsibility not Princecraft). Some issues were isolated at the dealership level, but Princecraft failed on their Customer Satisfaction platform. When their service center tells a customer that they are aware of the problem, but don't currently know how to deal with it, leads me to believe they aren't lending any confidence to their customers. I gave up on Princecraft to a point where I didn't even tell them how I 'honestly' felt about them, and the issues are still outstanding after three years. I don't want to go through that again. You would expect a company of their reputation to be on their game. Not sure what happened, but I hope that I am the only customer who had these experiences. I also hope that they have improved over the last few years, because they do make a great product. Dealing with Merc was great. Princecraft, not so much. Just my 2 cents ...
  12. My deepest condolences to the entire O'Shea family and all family and friends that surrounds you. You have brought much awareness to this forum about ES, and I wish all the support and strength through this forum and all other social avenues. Jennifer has been a special inspiration to all, and her life lives on through every heart she has touched.
  13. People are out on the ice ... park on the west side and access from that end. Much easier. Have fun!
  14. We drove up north on the eve through whiteout snow squalls. It snowed about 10 inches, if not more during the 24hr period on the 31st/1st, in addition to the 2.5 feet of snow already on the ground. There was so much slush and snow on the lakes that walking was borderline impossible. After each minute that passed, we had to dump the gear out of the sleds, turn them over, and chip at the slush and ice. It was -25 so the bottom froze instantly even after a few seconds of plowing through. It won't be like this everywhere in that area, but this was our experience. We weren't at the place you mentioned. It has been a few days since the opener, so I would assume that the foot paths are nicely groomed by now, depending on where you go of course. Our holes were 7" of clear ice. Good luck!
  15. Wowza! You weren't kiddin' Pete ... and I thought these were just some long fish tales ... er fish tails! Awesome job. Congrats to you and your bro on a very productive year. Great review. I have an identical setup with the Xpedtion ... the rigs and kicker are in the same location ... but there is one major difference. You must have fish magnets on that thing. Where did you guys install them, and how many magnets and what brand and you need to also reveal the tesla measure... I'm on to your secrets you know. Spring time ... how about we get down to the water and chase some around
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