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  1. After seeing your pics couldn't stop my wife from rushing to the garden center and they even had a "Blue False Indigo". I lost again space for more garlic
  2. 1 Yellow Loosestrife 5 I think it's not an Aster, it's a Dianthus "Sweet Williams"
  3. just 2 pics from today, garlic planted in Oct 2014 and Chicory Green Grumolo, Trout lettuce and Royal Red lettuce ready to transplant
  4. Thank you very much! Didn't know BT, found good infos about it also youtube video.
  5. This year we are giving up on planting any cabbages because of the hordes of cabbages worms eating anything last year. What are you doing against these cabbage white butterfly?
  6. That looks very good! I would like to show you one pic, made it day before yesterday: Our Chicory Green Grumolo from last year is the first lettuce we are harvesting since 2 weeks. And the serious angler grows "Trout Lettuce" for sure - you can see the seedlings left and right of the chicory waiting for more space ;-) btw: North of Blind River area
  7. Had the same games this winter... The only way I could catch these lazy guys was with a tiny small dead minnow. Let the minnow slowly sink to the bottom, wait, lift it fast for 2 or 3 secound one or two feet and let it sink to the bottom again. After that my float always went down... For the fish this looks like to be an easy to catch bait... Btw, I caught small lakers and rock bass! in 60 feet under the ice. Forget it.
  8. Well, I think we fish very similarly? Look at this old thing, with snap on the end, a modified CT bobber I used for years. But it's more fun for me to fish with a bit nicer float...
  9. Well, as I wrote I don't really like cork. For my floats I use local eastern white cedar. Whatever, I have an old small lathe and for shaping cork or cedar I use sanding blocks with different sanding papers. I build these sanding blocks, each fits 1/4 sanding sheet.
  10. Just googled for the fish image I was searching for. Printed it out on paper the size I needed and varnished it
  11. Ok, that's why I will show one of my craziest floats... but, trust me it can work very sensitive!
  12. with wine corks you are limited with the size also the surface is not as nice to turn like wood
  13. No slip tube necessary. Just one ring at the end of the float. Way better than through the whole float. You can easy make the ring and secure with a bit of shrink tube. This float I made from eastern cedar, always use it as slip float.
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