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  1. in great condition no issues at all 730 or best offer 4163011110 text with questions
  2. if your garage is inslulated on all 4 sides then on the coldest day of winter you wont protect it from freezing a 110 1500 watt heater may do the job but it may be a bit sketchy I had to eventually intall a 220 to keep my garage above 10 in the winter and now have a 75000 btu gas heater in the new house. if any part of your garage is uninsulated from the outside a 110 wont work
  3. if I can get an update on 75 if you go through it on the detour Im leaving next week also and towing a boat. Im familiar with the area just not the detour. thanks
  4. Cheesy there is no point making a call I've asked mnr to hold a public meeting here and nothing comes of it. To the other readers don't get confused that the ganny will get all this great bank stabilization work tree planting habitat restoration. Based on past results on the credit OFAH will do minimal work that achieved nothing more then a photo opportunity This will be a train wreck, remember there was discussion to remove resident brown trout because of their Predation on Atlantics. Why don't other native desirable fish species get this free passage? OFAH mnr and the dictators behind this will utterly mess this up and will endure to change it.. OFAH has done some great work but can't they fire their staff managing this and go back to projects that have hope
  5. The reproductive capacity of the credit and all its tributaries far outstrips any river on the north shore in orders of magnitude This shift is due to the dysfunctional nature of aurora district OFAH realizing that unless the barriers are open in the credit and free passage is restored their program won't work Rather then open both fish ways they move the program I'd really like to know who has this immense power over mnr to actually stop fish passage on the credit There will be a time when this Atlantic program will compete with any reminent native population as a result restrictions will be placed on non native fish passage. Mnr and OFAH will deny this but trust me based strictly on past behaviour this isn't a matter of if it happens but when in fact it happens Craa and hundreds of anglers and other groups and stakeholders would have been pleased to open the fish ways and allow free passage for this and all species sadly trout unlimited driven by their current ceo Greg Clark chapter and Isaiah Walton used an outdated plan and who knows what additional tactics to ensure the credit Atlantic and by the nature of their tactics the credit proper never lives up to its potentials Too bad lots of smoke and mirror coming at this meeting and a feel good mentality all aimed and messing up a great fishery
  6. interesting read from many of you. CRAA has injected over 5 million dollars both cash and inkind within the Credit watershed. We have achieved our 1/2millionth tree planted and just completed a multi year funding grant at habitat repair and reforestation. We got the Ladder built at Norval by raising almost 1/2 the money MNR needed, of interest the majority of it came from a US funding source, I'm sure they would be shocked to see its not being used for anything. CRAA for the most part has lowered temps in the vast majority of the river below the cataract to a point that there is mile after mile of suitable habitat, currently devoid of fish. I on behalf of the club petitioned MNR years ago to allowed a virtually unlimited transfer of Adult Rainbow into two up stream tributaries. Mnr via Trent genetics determined brown migratory and resident fish are one in the same and the MNR biologist started moving them above Norval, life was good and we all had lots of fish to catch on the Credit, that was also ended without any justification what so ever, which leads us to believe there was inside pressure from stakeholders within the group We operated the streesville fishway for decades without incident as agents of the crown and as many of you are aware we recently saw record breaking rainbow trout production on the Credit as a result of the transfers. Norval was built and all of a sudden the other stakeholders somehow felt we shouldn't run a transfer program any longer, put pressure on MNR and we now no longer run the program are simply minions of the MNR, we all at the club wonder why as all the legal requirements are still valid and in place within the club, we demonstrated decades of success without incident, so we now watch fish brake their noses at Norval while we wait days on end for the MNR biologist to make time. We provided a 5 year study to allow all fish species to utilize the new habitat and new fishways it was a solid scientific study peer reviewed by our own biologists , quietly reviewed by MNR staff outside of Aurora and was deemed a valid experiment. It was shot down by OFAH CVC TU the MNR quietly even said it was valid but the stakeholder apprehension wasn't worth the effort( yes an MNR manager said that exact wording to me) In the interim the management plan which was up for an overhaul was on the table with species segregation or barrier passage a contentious issue. CVC all of sa sudden out of no where did a study via electric shocking where a minimal brook trout population was found and created a document that EVERY and literally every biologist shown it laughed, some within MNR said it was a career ending document others said the author killed any job movement possibilities with it, yup he is on here and I'm sure will read this, I welcome his rebuttal. It was skewed and filled with so many errors, its only aim was to not allow migratory trout within this one river, when in fact their own data supported no change to brook trout density ( WE ARE TALKING LESS THEN A DOZEN BROOK TROUT IN TOTAL) and in fact the data showed that they all peacefully co existed. CVC Trout Unlimited and Issiac Walton used this smoking gun to finally have the MNR Aurora district raise their hands of the entire matter and move to the native argument, theoretical fisheries and in the end these very MNR EMPLOYEES FOCUSED ON JOB PRESERVATION rather then continue the course. We have asked repeatedly why one of the truly native fish species from the ice age cant use the ladders for fish passage the small mouth bass and the answer is no answer and a refusal to even discuss that native fish species passage As a result MNR aurora moved to this native thing, we wrote a very long rebuttal again reviewed by our biologists and our friends in MNR not in the aurora district, about the dangers of theoretical fisheries, asked why bass a native fish aren't allowed free passage MNR dismissed it and here we are. We have a new district manager, when we went above his head to his boss's boss he quickly met with us to hear the concerns, he left saying he will provide answers and will work with us to achieve some common goals. That was last spring and to date we have no response other then I ll get back to you. For those that follow our facebook stream you can see the apprehension of our many supporters we have asked MNR repeatedly to listen to the resource users to no avail, and her we are. The Salar program on paper is great a new fish to catch is always welcome those running it and the mythology of how its being run are flawed. Sadly I think they have seen the ladder opening issue for salars free passage as a no go opening the ladder on the Credit for salar passage would allow other fish into the not so special brown trout waters so rather then open the Credit up the OFAH and MNR and others will move it to the ganny, and in turn damage it and that resource hopefully not beyond saving. Its sad that someone or some group has so much influence within Aurora that this happens. Open the damn fish ladders at Norval and Streetsville and let the fish swim.........sadly I doubt I see this in my lifetime Hope this provided some insight as to why this move on the ganny
  7. Im sitting on the side lines just observing this, before I grow a set and post a three page answer that tells it like it is from the inside looking out
  8. I have a 19 1 boat with a swing tongue I tried every conceivable way to do it bought go jacks to move it side to side, no use at all, ended up doing an addition to make it fit
  9. crepres candied cedar planked salmon and a beet arugala salad
  10. secondary stage latch bring it to aikmans
  11. I sorta organized some stuff tonight, the boat is still stuffed with about 8 more plano boxes and about 8 rods
  12. The manufacturer is soley driven by your budget and the feel of a rod in your hand, dont get caught up in price point or anyone promoting a brand. If your looking for a bait casting set up then a good 7'0 Med or med/Hvy. both with a Mod/Fast Action the med or med heavy really depends on the size of Jerk bait your throwing. If its on a spining reel and you want a more agressive retrive then a 6-3 med fast shorter rod for a quicker snap on a spinning reel If its large mouth then a rod more suited to crankbaits like a 7-0 7-2 glass rod with a med -fast action is more suited for a slower jerk and longer pause for large mouth
  13. ohh god thats anempty wall of fishing rods, there are a dozen pplus off the side. the garage door is a 16 footer building is 22x27
  14. hi there here is the view facing the house, there is a storage loft about8 feet out that id like to put doors on to enclose it. the ceiling is above it here is the front view again with a loft built into it One side of the garage and the other side
  15. thanks for the replies, as soon as I get outside today I ll post up pictures I built an addition effectively bumping the garage out 5 feet to accomadate my boat todaya dn any larger one in the future. I currently keep it at my shop in the back but would like it home. I dont want it in a freezing environment, hence the insulation question. It seems that blowing in cellulose without a vapour barrier is a major issue as is the batt in the ceiling. I ll put up pic and see what you think
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