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  1. Thank you for the information. I'm booked already in Maine this year. I will save these two for future reference. Jeff
  2. smitty55, thank you very much. Had no idea that existed. Jeff
  3. I was supposed to do a fly in with Air Ivanhoe two years ago, would have been my first one. I was so looking forward to it, then Covid hit. Maybe in the near future I will try again. Jeff
  4. Good evening, if this isn't allowed. Please delete. I'm looking for a good outfitter in Ontario for a Non Resident Black Bear hunt. I've been searching the internet but being that I've never hunted Bear and kinda buying a pig in a Polk on the internet. I was wondering if anyone here could recommend a reputable outfitter in Ontario that also has fishing available for my non hunting Girlfriend? Thank you, Jeff Holmes
  5. I should have stated in my question, I'm referring to the West Arm. I've never been in the main lake. Thank you, Jeff
  6. Haven't put mine in the water yet. Still waiting on Alumacraft to finish my boat. Bought a V16 utility, said 8 to 12 weeks to build. This week makes 8 weeks since I ordered it and a shorelander trailer. I hope the new 25hp Yamaha with the troll assist gets me down to a nice trolling speed for Walleye. Might even try for some Lake Trout this coming year.
  7. One of the reasons I went with Yamaha.
  8. Thank you everyone, Nipissing is my favourite. Looking forward to fishing it again. Jeff
  9. @Joetier, spelling corrected. Nipissing is my absolute favourite place in the world. Been going to Nipissing since the early 70's as a kid when Wally and Hazel was running Lakair. Want to bring my Son and Grandson's up to fish for Walleye and Pike. I've been fishing in Quebec since my Wife died, we spent our 34th Anniversary there in 2015, she died December 2016. So, I want to show the Kids where the Wife and I enjoyed spending time. Want to get on some nice fishing as well. Thanks, Jeff
  10. Hey, folks. Been a while since I have been around. How is Nipissing coming along, has the fishery improved any the last couple years? I haven't been on Nipissing since 2015. Thanks, Jeff
  11. The last um, corn liquor I had was cherry flavored. It tasted a bit like lighter fluid smells, I have never tasted anything like it. One shot was all I could stomach of that. Jeff
  12. @ Old Ironmaker, for sure on that. I will take them away from home,in the woods somewhere. Guy's, thank you for sharing some of your exploits from the Lakair get togethers. I wish I could have made at least one. Jeff
  13. Old Ironmaker, I agree and I have thought about it. Might have to get them in a tent a couple times near home and see how they do. Jeff
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