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  1. I’m heading out tomorrow or Monday so I’ll see how I get along setting it up.
  2. This is the setup I use in my Otter. Works great and can be used on the 5 lbs tank or 20 lbs.
  3. Thanks. I happen to have a marker I’m not using.
  4. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I'll try anchoring a corner and see if that helps. I usually let it fall how it wants when I fold it up. One of the corners usually wants to fold over to the opposite corner as soon as it's down. I let it find its " comfort zone " then fold the rest in. I saw in the video comments where one guy said to not follow the directions and don't open the roof first. He said he had broke a couple of poles following the instructions. I now agree with that. I went to order a replacement pole and it's $12.00 but $40.00 to ship. That's U.S. so I may as well order 2. I hate it when the shipping is triple the item cost.
  5. I bought an Otter XTH Pro Cabin ice shelter last year and I have a heck of a time setting it up. I have watched all the videos and nothing works. Could it be I’m taking it down and folding it up wrong? Instructions say to open the roof first but all the hubs seemed jammed and I can’t. After trying to line up the corners and spreading things out it still take a lot of pissing around to get the first side to pop out. After that it’s fine. Actually broke a roof pole this morning trying to set it up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  6. The sled has a full cover on it but I will take your suggestion and make a separate bag for the auger power head. Thanks for the input.
  7. A tow bar goes on the front and it will be towed behind a snowmobile most of the time. I have a pair of skis waiting for a Scotty sled when I get around to building it. Used the bare sled last year on a trip up north of Thunder Bay to Pasha Lake Cabins and things were bouncing around and getting damaged because of the auger. This way I should be able to take everything and keep things organized. If this lockdown gets extended it looks like I’ll be putting it back into storage before I get to use it 😥
  8. I’ve been working on my ice fishing sled and have it just about ready to go. Now we need this lockdown to end so I can head north to use it
  9. Yes, I did the same and there are lots of how to videos on how to make these.
  10. Thanks a lot Ray. Mystery solved. Never would have guessed that one.
  11. That’s what I’m thinking. It was bought at True Value Hardware store in 1994. Price was $3.49. Package still has the sticker on it.
  12. A friend gave me this wondering what it is. It consists of what looks like a single strand of braided wire or chicken coop wire with a swivel on one end and a 2 ounce weight on the other end. looks like surveyors tape weaved through the wire. I though maybe an early version of a bottom bouncer.
  13. Looks like they caught the guy. Here’s news story Kawartha Lake News A suspect has been charged by members of the Peterborough County OPP Marine Unit after a dangerous boating incident occurred on Rice Lake on September 26 around 7:00pm. Investigators were able to obtain video footage of the incident which showed the suspect driving a speed boat at a high rate of speed through a group of 25-30 small fishing vessels. Police say the suspect circled and drove between the fishing vessels several times almost causing them to capsize. The speed boat and suspect were identified by anonymous members of the public after local media outlets reported on the incident. 48 year old Randy Crossen of Cobourg, Ontario is charged with Dangerous operation. The man is scheduled to appear in court November 25. Watch video of the incident here: https://youtu.be/BPcR7Psn-eo
  14. Thanks for posting this show. I agree with catch and release. We were up north last year at a fly in lodge. The guide we had was doing his Masters on the Walleye population and habits in the lake. We were tagging all the Walleye that we released. We went back to the same spot 3 times over the week we were there and we caught several of the same Walleye 2 or 3 times. If we caught a tagged fish, the guide would record the tag number and he was surprised how many times we were catching the same fish.
  15. We are in the same boat. Non of our friends like fishing enough to commit to a fly in. There are still some that will cater to 2 people but they charge you more. As Gordy said there is nothing like being the only one on a lake miles from the rest of the world. Just sitting on the deck of your cabin and listening to the wind in the trees or going out on the lake at night with the stars out is an amazing experience. The wildlife that you float by while fishing don't even care you are there. It's definitely something every one whose into fishing should try.
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