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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'm figuring on bringing in an extra 100 litres for the boat on top of the 50 litres in the two boat cans. That should cover us for a 7 day trip. Two stroke motor is thirsty. .
  2. I'm wondering if anyone knows where the last place to get gas before the turn off for Onaman Resort? We will be taking Highway 11 north and west. The owner told us to bring gas with us as a round trip is about 5 hours from the resort. Thanks
  3. Whom ever is running the boat decides! The passenger should be ready for both.
  4. I launched out of Ashbridges Bay last week and it was the first time in 15 years I had to climb up into the boat instead of stepping down. The water is almost at the top of the ramp.
  5. Brakes cleaned and adjusted and wheel cylinders both work as they should. I was thinking the Actuator may be on the way out. I push the coupler inwards and a buddy can see the brakes shoes moving. I've bled the lines and used fresh Dot 3 fluid in. I've been looking around for the upgrade to rotors kits and that's why I'm asking if anyone has done this 'upgrade' and if it actually made a difference? If I have to buy a new drum Actuator it's going to cost about 300 bucks. A few of the complete kits I've seen are about 500 US including a Rotor Actuator.
  6. I'm getting next to no braking on my Big Boat trailer. It has the Titan 60 surge brake actuator and 10 inch drums. I've cleaned and adjusted the drums and the actuator goes back and forth freely. 5 bolt hubs and I a 3500 lb axle. I'd like to convert it to rotors but I'm wondering if anyone has done this to their trailer and how it worked out?
  7. I ran my 200 hp two stroke last season for four months on a 25 litre portable tank. I was nice to find out how much gas it actually uses. I use the big motor to go out about 3 km then shut it off till I return. It used about 12 litres for those two short trips but there were no other issues.
  8. I too had a crack in my tinny. I used the aluminum brazing rods from Princess auto and it worked great! Just heat all around the crack before trying to apply the rod. Heehee
  9. Never even thought of which hook to keep on a double hooked body bait! I will try some with back hook and some with front and see what happens.
  10. Ok thanks for the replies. I'm going to thin out the tackle and only bring what I figure I will need instead of the whole lot. I'm guessing spinner baits and jigs will take up most of the room.
  11. I've been reading up for the coming Lake Nipigon trip and I see that you can only use a single barbless hook. Is that just for brook trout or the whole lake? Can I have my body baits in the boat and just not use them?
  12. We drove by the Trans Taiga Road two years ago and fished a few lakes along the James Bay Highway. Lots of pike and pickeral. You will have a great time up there. You might even see the Caribou Heard roaming around!
  13. Lots of trailers for sale on Kijiji. I've seen prices for 12 -6 foot trailers from 300 to 2000 dollars.
  14. I was in the same boat last year! 200 liters of water contaminated gas. I tried running it through a fuel water separator and then I put it into my truck. And the truck died! I ended up taking it to the dump! Hope your Rye method works!
  15. Thanks for the info. I've been waiting for this item to go on sale!!
  16. The boat is a Sylvan Troller and the transom is the same size side to side. I like the idea of having another motor on the boat in case of break down so i'm going to go with a long shaft small HP motor. Thanks
  17. I have a long shaft transom on my tin boat. I'd like to get a small 2-4 hp kicker and i'm wondering if I need a long shaft or short shaft? I want this smaller motor for trolling as the 30 hp on there now won't troll down below 2.5 mph. I've tried the drift bags and I couldn't keep the boat going straight as it kept veering off to one side. I've also tried back trolling but I end up doing the same side to side motion.
  18. Hahaha that would be funny in a bad way! That is why I picked that name cus I figured it was only a matter of time!!
  19. Ya I'm real leary of big water. With the 30 on it I top out at 25 mph loaded with two guys. I'm planning on sticking close to shore either way. This is going to be more of an exploration trip in preparation for towing up my 20 foot whaler with all the down riggers and stuff for big lakers.
  20. We may head to the islands just to fish but I only have a 14 tin deep and wide with a 30 hp two stroke on it so we will see what the lake looks like first.
  21. Crown land would work for me as long as I can get the boat in the water. Been looking at a pile of google maps and other info and it sure looks like a tough lake to get onto. No matter which way we go about it it's going to be allot of driving around and looking.
  22. I'm trying to nail down a location for good size Brook Trout up near Lake Nipigon. I've been reading that the Nipigon River also has some good sized fish. Does anyone know of campground or cabin rentals along the Nipigon River? I've googled and only found a couple of possible places.
  23. Thanks Freshtrax. I was wondering about the bears in the area. If Nipigon is not a go we may try and rent a cabin in the area and just trailer the boat around to different lakes.
  24. I read the brochure from Poplar Lodge and it said the Marina is 5 km down the road. I don't want to leave my boat overnight anywhere so I don't have to unload it and load it every day. Getting old.
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