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  1. We used to fish at the outflow to the Hearn Plant on Unwin Avenue. You would need to bring some heavy duty clippers with you now though as they let all the bushes grow up along the waters edge.
  2. Check out Spoonpullers.com. Loads of info for beginners and lots of chatter during the season. Hope next season is better than than this last one. Worst I've ever had in 15 years.
  3. Our guy told us there are only four operators on the Lake. His is D& D cottages and they have a facebook account. There is the Sportsman lodge, Ritchies End of Trail and there is Grey Owl cabins that has a few boat in only cabins with solar power fridges and lights.
  4. Three bedrooms. One had a double bunk beds. One had a single bunk beds and the third had two sets of single bunk beds. The two futons in the living room fold down.
  5. Boats were 50 bucks per day plus gas. He had 5 gallons for 45 bucks so bring gas! You can fish as close as the railway bridge. It's only about 600 meters from the dock. All the locals jig there in the evenings. We trolled bottom bouncers across all points and only did a little jigging.
  6. We stayed in Cottage One. It was 60 bucks per night per person. It sleeps ten to twelve, if there are two couples, or ten if just guys. Cottage has hydro. Baseboard Heat and hot water tank. Lots of hot water. Water is from lake so bring your own for coffee. Bell Express View. New screened in porch. You can leave your boat in the water at the docks. The docks are about 80 meters from the cottage in a sheltered bay. There is a fish cleaning hut with hydro so I charged my boat batteries every day. There is a general store in the small town that sells booze and beer and some other necessities. Very pricey though. You can get gas at the store and there are other guys that sell ice and worms and minnows scattered throughout the town. The owner didn't mind how many or how few stayed in the Cabin. By the end of the 9 days there were only two of us. This may be different in the spring but not sure.
  7. Just got back from Bisco. Great fishing trip. The Sultan Road was in better shape than most roads in Toronto. No issues at all driving in the 70 Km to D&D cottages. Nice cottage with Bell Express view for the one rain day we had. We trolled mostly bottom bouncers with worm harnesses and managed to land over 60 pickerel between two guys. Biggest was 18 inches and allot in the 14 to 17 inch size. Manages a few pike as well with biggest about 30 inches. Its a really big expanse of lakes up there with.many km of boating. Not our highest number of fish trips but worth a trip back. Next time we will go back in the spring and hope for more pike.
  8. I'd like to target some Gar on the Ottawa river. Can anyone recommend a good place to camp with Gar near by? Private or Provincial Park is good enough for us. Thanks
  9. Went to Rideau PP this week. A very weedy river. Boat launch was good but the Wardens didn't want you leaving your boat in the water because all the other boats wouldn't have a place to dock. Didn't see many other boats fishing! Managed to catch my PB pickeral in the first ten minutes of fishing with a worm harness. Slowed down after that. Later on I caught my PB muskie and my first one outside of the Otonabee river. Very nice. A good pike followed. The fishing wasn't fast and furious during the day but the evening bite was way better. Lots of big boat traffic and they don't slow down. Lots of big wakes shaking you up. I liked Murphys Point PP better as there were multiple bays around to fish in. Still it was a good trip.
  10. Supposed to be good for pike. I've passed it many times and always fail to stop and fish.
  11. Heading to another Provincial park in August. We are hoping for some pike this time. Anyone stay and or fish near this park? Thanks
  12. We are heading up September so hope the water is up a bit more. Thanks
  13. Water is down that much?? I have a spare prop. Jigging with worms is my go to for pickerel. I sure hope we get into some monster pike as well. How bad are those roads in? We are going west on Sultan Industrial then south on Ramsey road to Bisco Road. Should i come prepared with a welder and some steel stock to fix my old trucks suspension??
  14. Water is down that much?? I have a spare prop. Jigging with worms is my go to for pickerel. I sure hope we get into some monster pike as well.
  15. We are heading up to D&D Bisco Cottages in September to fish Lake Biscotasing. Never been there. We are shooting for Pike and Pickerel. Looks like a big complicated Lake. I'm sure we won't even fish 1 percent of it.!! Has anyone fished this lake? Thanks
  16. The trip was great and just what we needed. Caught one laker jigging with a worm. We boated loads of small mouth bass, with four over 18 inches. Found a few large mouth bass but from what we heard most were in the canoe only section of the lake, on the north side of the park. Got two nice pike and about a hundred blue gills and sunfish, some a very decent size. Launch was great and lots of room to leave the boat at the dock the days we were there. Met the young wardens when they stopped by to get me to back up my truck a little further into the camp site. We will be going back for sure to try for some more Lakers. Thanks for the tips everyone
  17. Booked on line. Our site backs onto bush so the genny goes into the bush a few feet. It's a nice quiet honda. I only use it to charge the boat batteries. Never had a complaint.
  18. I booked on Ontario Parks and it was easy. I guess since we can go Monday to Friday it was available. We got a non hydro site but have a generator to charge the batteries.
  19. That is some great info. Looking forward to getting out of the city for a few days of fishing. Thank you
  20. Finally get to go camping. We are going to a new park to us and will be fishing Charleston Lake. Looks like a big lake with lots of structure. Anyone fish this lake? I will be packing gear for pike and bass and lake trout. Any tips would be great thanks
  21. Gonna try that with a 25 lb salmon. Looks good
  22. That tiller extension looks good. I like the way you can swivel it towards you. I will try and find one of those if the stick doesn't work. Thanks
  23. Great ideas. I will take another look at the motor. Thanks
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