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  1. The geen truly is a magnificent multi species fishery, Spent many a day in my younger years drift fishing for steel and bottom fishing for kitties.
  2. Nice man!! I can fire up my smoker if you wanna bring them by !!!!😁
  3. Stopped them, what? Were they transporting the freezer?? lol
  4. One detail you are missing is why the C O's were even there????
  5. My camp is in an unorganized township, taxes are very affordable like you said. We have a cottage association which we are all part of that collects approx 60 dollars a year from the land owners which goes to road maintenance and a volunteer fire department( we have a fire truck and properly trained crew) We also have a heli pad and a fantastic boat launch.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unorganized_area
  7. Did it have a fuse in the 1st place?, if not then just extend the wire using proper connections and be done with it
  8. Spent 20 years chasing walleye on Biscotasi, pm me with any questions you may have
  9. Don't know that much about Mattagami but my suggestion would be to check out Biscotasing, some very good camps. The fishing is top notch for a drive to location
  10. 2 1750hp ddc's about 4 litres per minute per engine
  11. bisco.jpg
    Our humble ride in comparison to what i work on. Has a 30 Nissan on the back, 20 years old and still running strong
  12. Fantastic video, you really know how to put a smile on someones face!!
  13. If I buy a used side by side does the seller need to provide a UVIP?
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