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  1. Nice fish dude. No idea on weight, but imagine over 5 1/2. Regardless a toad for are area. Congrats!
  2. Nice fish dude. Imagine over six which is very rare around here. Congrats that's a toad!
  3. Hi ,my name is Doug. I recently joined this site to learn more and share my 30 + years knowledge. I am sure that is not a lot to some of you on here, so i will contribute when i can. I have fished east to west, and currently get to fish almost every day even if its ten minutes or so. Started out fishing local tribes around the Oakville area as a kid. At about the age of twelve i caught my first steelhead and from that moment on when the timing is right i focus mainly on those buggers. During the summer i try to get out somewhere different every weekend and in the recent years have shifted my summer time focus to walleye. ahhh the bachelor life! I have been fishing above big chute for the past 15 years or so.........all started with a girl I met up there. I have caught the odd walleye over the years targeting bass and pike but have not been able to consistently put walleye in the boat, mind you I did not spend A ton of time targeting them as I did not believe the population was targetable. I love the waterway and would love to be able to catch a few more walleye. I have searched online for years for any info I could get my hands on. A few members on here have mentioned that they had fished it so I figured I would reach out. I would consider myself a accomplished angler for almost every species. And am willing to give up my spots and times of the year to the rite people, and now that I have joined this site I plan on sharing my knowledge with others. I have a friend up there that lets me pitch a tent for free whenever i want, so it is a very cost effective place for me to fish. ​Headed up there again Monday Tuesday next week regardless to attempt to target them solely. I know there are not lot in there but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for having me on the site!
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