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  1. Bass eggs aren't sticky. They lay them in a nest, and the male bass protects them until they hatch. I think it's unlikely that a heron could introduce bass to a pond. It's much more likely that baby bass were introduced with the bluegills when they were sotcked, as they can look very similar as fry and live in similar habitats.
  2. I've never heard of a heron seeding fish... how could this be done? Can you site a source for that?
  3. Bummer! I wonder how they got there...
  4. I heard a rumor that there are Gobies in Guelph Lake. Can anyone confirm that? It would be bad if there are!
  5. Lake St. Clair... entered in the Border City Classic kayak tournament.
  6. Attended the Hamilton Harbour Fishing Derby yesterday with the kids. What a great event! There's no entry fee and they were handing out free fishing rods for all the kids. And there were great prizes! I met Tony, Hammercarp, Hairrig, Tristin and some others that I've seen on the boards. Naturally, we brought the carp gear, and were soon into our first fish. I think it was the first fish caught at that weigh station, since they didn't have anything recorded when we brought it over. It was my son Adam's first carp, and was a respectable 53 cm. The second fish ran back and forth the pier and got tangled up in all the lines. A kind bystander helped untangle all the lines. It was my son Joseph's first carp as well, and was a little bigger, at 63 cm. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the camera in the car, so didn't get any pics of the fish. The third fish hit while I was baiting up another rod, and took my rod right into the lake! I jumped for it, but it flipped right over the rail. I grabbed my net and tried to scoop it up but it dissapeard too fast. :-( It wasn't a baitrunner, and I didn't have the drag set light enough... Tried to feel around where it went down with a 2 oz sinker, but couldn't detect it. That was all the fish we got. It started to rain, so we packed up and waited around to see if we got any prizes. Sure enough, Joe's fish took first place in the 10 and under carp class, and he won a nano ipod and a nice bike! Awesome prizes! Kind of makes up for the lost rod... Anyway, I got the bike back to the car, and wondered how I was going to get it home. Ended up putting it in the front passenger seat! LOL. It was a fun day!
  7. I beg to differ... I have asthma and second hand smoke bothers me a lot. On several occasions, I've had to leave an area where I've been fishing because someone came along and sat down near me and started smoking.
  8. I generally don't like using steel leaders. They certainly prevent pike from cutting the line, but I find I don't get nearly as many hits when I use them. I've been experimenting with florocarbon, and had pretty good success, especially when working slow action baits. The quality of the floro seems to make a difference. Seaguar 30 lb seems to work well for smaller size pike, and 60 lb for larger pike. It's expensive though...
  9. Wow, nice job! Got to get my kayak out there!
  10. Large cities should have readily available wifi. Just be aware that some places may charge a fee. Here is a coverage map for 2G and 3G reception if you are using that: http://www.sensorly.com/map/2G-3G/IT/Italy/Three/gsm_22299 Note that iPhones and iPads can get expensive when travelling and using the GSM network. Safe travels!
  11. wishin I was fishin!

  12. Wow, that's a rough one! But look at it this way: at least you have a good story to tell the grandkids, no one got hurt and you have a boat. I'm stuck on shore unless I go out in my canoe.
  13. Hi Musky Mike! Thanks for the suggestions. The way I have it rigged, I think it's called a running feeder. I have an inline spring feeder, that is round with a spring around it...seems to be the only ones available in the fishing stores in here in Guelph.. it's not the flat method feeders that seem to be used in the UK. With this rig, I didn't stick the hook into the feed ball, which was why I was getting tangles. I wasn't sure if I should do this since the feeder is round there isn't any guarantee that the hook wouldn't end up underneath the feeder when it hits bottom. As it turned out, I didn't get any takes, just nibbles. My son, on the other hand got a 20 lb'der with just a three way swivel rig (figures). The bolt rig sounds like the way to go... less trouble. What types of bait to you use on your bolt rigs? So far I've just been using corn. Chris
  14. I was fishing last weekend for carp using a feeder. It was fine for short casts, but I found I was getting tangles when casting a fair distance. The helicopter rig is supposed to help prevent tangles, but never tried one before. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with one, and where they got the tackle to tie one.
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