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Restoule and Stormy Lake camping


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I'm considering a camping trip to this area once the walleye season opens and looking for feedback on the backcountry sites on Stormy vs. the campsites on Restoule. A few questions for the experts if I may:

  • Is there ample parking at the Stormy lake access point and what about the launch? I don't care if there isn't a dock and I don't mind getting my feet wet.  I have a 22' glass bassboat.
  • Am I reading the regs correctly? Is does the Bass season open the same date as walley and pike?
  • I enjoy the back country sites the best so if this ends up being my option, any recommendation on which one? It will have to have a bit of sand so I can beach the boat, a spot for 2 sizable tents (sleeping and kitchen) etc.
  • Will stormy be busy in early june? buggy? etc etc.
  • Anyone else interested? Would this be a good time of year in this area?




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I typed a big response and it seems to have disappeared.  
stormy launch is pretty good but I’ve only ever launched a 16 footer there.  You can generally get a dock unless it’s super busy weekend.  
I believe bass, pike and walleye open same weekend in May now. Double check though  because I’ve been fishing opening in the kawarthas for 30 years so I never make zone 11 until a couple weeks later.  The bass thing is only a season or 2 old I believe.  Plenty of smallmouth, particularly on Nip.  Read zone exceptions, I haven’t been on stormy for quite some years.
yes it will be buggy then. 
Restoule is an awesome park, we’ve really enjoyed our camping there.  It would be shortlist if I where to take up camping again.

I’ve camped there end of June during the week and it was reasonably quiet.  Weekends will be busy like all the provincial parks!

Nippissing is close with excellent fishing and is worth a day trip.  Launch at the end of Lansdowne in Callander you’ll probably be able to get a big bass boat in.  No problem with 18 foot deep V’s.  If not, premier st launch in north bay can be a bit dicey for bigger boats depending on water level.  But the marina has an excellent launch.  

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