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Just a few pics

Barry Willis

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2nd last day of hunting season, last one for me. Took these early this morning while looking to harvest a big and my 40th white tail buck, which didn't happen. The pics of the grey owl aren't all that sharp, although it appears to be bright out it was very low light conditions. Not a huge bull moose but he is a very beautiful one as all moose are to me.  









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Howdy Lew, if I could afford to get my Argo in tip top running condition I could get pictures of others that would dwarf this guy. 60 - 70 in. spread and the pair weighing upwards of 60 - 80lbs.lbs. Moose lose their antlers early so it doesn't look promising for this season but I will be collecting their antlers in the spring. Can't wait. 

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