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Gull Lake or The Narrows Hut Rentals

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We Booked a 6 man hut with 4 guys because the 6 man hut was still available. After an hour of fishing, he sent his worker over to collect our money. 10 mins after that, he moved us to a smaller hut and was trying to say that I lied to him about how many guys. (He understood me clearly) If he would have told us he had a bigger group coming, we would have happily moved. He then tried to blame us for damaged styrofoam in the hut. He was rude and didn’t inform us that we had to walk out to our hut. Will never go back and would recommend anyone else not to waste there going time and money going there. If it wasn’t for our 3 hour drive to get there, we would have went home after our first encounter with there head of staff. Everyone in our group has been ice fishing for years and this was the worst operator we have ever had to deal with. 

Ps. The guys fishing beside us were using pan-optics and only marked one fish in two days.

Dont waste your time and money with Gull Lake Hut Rentals or The Narrows Hut Rentals 

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