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Aluminum Stress Cracks

Musky Plug

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On 6/6/2021 at 3:40 PM, Musky Plug said:

Yes, I’m fairly certain that they aren’t leaking. I used blue tuck tape over the drain holes of both live wells and poured 5gallons of water in each live well. I had the back deck removed and did not see any water anywhere, and no water leaked out from behind the tape. It is a 05 16.5 crestliner fish hawk. I am located in the burlington area.
what did you use to block the transom? Do you have any pictures? 

I used wood. Large 8x8 blocks I have kicking around. Those welded crestliners are kind of famous for splitting open. I'm not a real fan of welded hulls, unless its thick metal. You have more cracks somewhere in the hull if your satisfied your plumbing isn't leaking. 


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I did manage to find someone that was able to help with jacking the boat up. Looked at the underside for a while and under the areas covered by the bunks however there was no damaged areas. There was a small start of a crack on the side opposite of the original crack. So he did weld that up. So the plan is to take it it over the weekend and see what happens. 

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On 6/16/2021 at 11:20 AM, moses said:

A co-worker of mine had the same problem but more of a crack at the hull.

He brought the boat to the dealer and they would not touch it. He ended up fixing it himself. Im quite sure he had it welded.

I bought my boat used, but I did call all the local dealers and ones within reasonable driving distance but some said the same. Not willing to do anything, the others said they would have to send it back to crest liner to have it assessed. 

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