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  1. I bought one couple of years. Hard time using it with light line. Great for heavier line. Maybe its just my eyes. Probably need more practice Not using it.
  2. I still have two full bench seat full of foam and floor. I get what your saying.
  3. Ok. Numbers and depths are what I. Was interested in. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Thats great but what does all The numbers and letters mean?
  5. Thanks for your feed back. Because my boat is like New I'm always leery to drill holes in my boat. I'm getting over it.
  6. Here's a pic of my split seat . Just want to remove the top. Hinge it. I'd have to remove the foam inside for storage. Thanks for your feed back. Moses
  7. Yes. I'll probably contact them. I know what they will probably say. Come in and talk to us about an upgrade.
  8. Hi group. I have and issue with storage on my 13 ft smoker craft. 2015 I believe. I have a solid floor with a split seat in the middle. I really want a compartment for storage. Is it advisable to remove foam and hinge the lid. to create a storage for my fishing tackle or gear. Will I compromise the boat. Moses
  9. New boat 4 yrs ago



  10. Thanks For the info Fisherman. Well appreciated.
  11. I hear ya. would be nice to have that on film. Last summer i had a musky up to the boat while trying to grab my phone camera. Got off part way out of the water. Was going back in anyways.
  12. Thanks for the link TJQ Explains well on the pros and con. The YI looks good.
  13. Im thinking of adding a camera to my fishing outing out of my aluminium boat. Im looking for possibly a Go Pro. But i dont know which one to chose. Probably a used one. Any suggestions would be valuable.
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