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  1. I noticed that over the years that fish in general can be lighter or darker color in certain water bodies
  2. Sounds about right. I should try to locate my scale. I have one I just placed it in a safe location.?..
  3. Thanks for your feed back.guys.
  4. I caught a 26. inch Walleye but wondering what it's weight might be.No scale.
  5. Haven't been out on the Maitland lately. Been out on the North channel on the French river. There are walleye to be had at the mouth of the Maitland. Caught a nice 21 incher last year. Just haven't had much time even though im retired now. Go figure
  6. Hi. I always launch my kayak at the marina. I just dont use the parking area. I park at the road near the Maitland trail site. Doesn't make sense to me to pay 18$ to launch a kayak or canoe.
  7. looking for a bow mount Minn Kota 45 or 55 with foot pedal

    1. Nipfisher


      put this in the classifieds.

    2. Luke V.

      Luke V.

      Wiser had one forsale couple months ago on here


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