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  1. Found some rapala jigging raps i was looking for at fishing world. Most colors are out of stock. Lucky to find some. Most places are depleted or out of stock.
  2. I quess if i can read your text from your phone, im too close lol
  3. Hi Anglers just wondering what distance you have to be from someone elses fishing hole? Cant seem to find on line in the regs.
  4. Not going to work. I'm about 5 hrs away
  5. I'll past for now. I've been using a Kodak play sport. Which has been working quite well for me so far
  6. Go Pro 5 or better with accessories like head straps. would prefer with remote
  7. I think your right. Cheers
  8. Wanted used Go Pro camera
  9. Looking for a clamp on scotty downrigger mini troll with ball and attachments
  10. I bought one couple of years. Hard time using it with light line. Great for heavier line. Maybe its just my eyes. Probably need more practice Not using it.
  11. I still have two full bench seat full of foam and floor. I get what your saying.
  12. Ok. Numbers and depths are what I. Was interested in. Thanks for your reply.
  13. Thats great but what does all The numbers and letters mean?
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