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Elk Lake Trip

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Just back from our annual trip up to Elk Lake (Montreal River); stayed at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort. Rented a cabin and decently equipped Lund; that was always topped up with fuel, as soon as we got back to camp. This was out 6th trip there. The fishing was a bit tougher this year; walleye were scattered at all different depths. What we found was that anything making below 20' would not hit on anything we offered? So we mostly fished in the 12-18 FOW. We definitely had to work for them. Bottom bouncing with a drop shot rig and making sure the minnow on your hook was alive and kicking. For some reason no one in the town of Elk lake sells minnows? So I made a bait tank out of a 7cu' chess freezer; That I installed an adjustable thermostat to keep the water at appox 50° and put a pond bubbler in it. Bought 15 dozen minnows from a place around Latchford (Still the Montreal River). At the end of the week there were still approx 3 dozen left, all still very much alive. Gave them away for others to use at the camp.  Pike fishing was about normal for the area; find a weed patch and start casting a spoon or spinner bait and it wouldn't be long before you had one on. No giants but good table fair sized of nice tasty beer battered pike. After the fish fry, we became a little more picky on what we kept size wise for both the walleye and pike. We released a lot of fish that were under 12" for the walleye and 18" for the pike. After having our limits of these, we started focusing on bass and perch. The perch in that area are usually wormy at this time of year; but they all seemed to be free of them? The bass for some reason had a real funky smell to them? So they were all catch and release. Had a good time and we're booked again for next year. Sorry no pics; but everyone here as seen average sized pike and walleye.   


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Great report.. gods country!


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