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Hastings starter and alternator Hagersville


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Having a rough time getting my trolling motor back after bringing it in for servicing here, maybe others have stuff in there too.


Little backstory... Bought a boat end of the season just prior to winter, gave it a water test, happy with everything, great!


  Go to try and test out the bow mount trolling motor and it just beeps at me, do some digging and troubleshooting and decided it needed some servicing, I ended up coming across Hastings in Hagersville, which is pretty close to me so I call him up, drop off the motor and about a week and a half later he calls and says he can fix it for me for $280. I tell him go ahead, and let me know when you're done so I can pick it up... Couple weeks pass I don't think much of it, the guy seemed busy and the front of his shop was loaded with trolling motors and other electronics so I figured I'd wait him out and it was storage for me in the meanwhile over the winter while I was renovating my kitchen, so garage space was at a premium. 

I managed to get off work a bit earlier than usual yesterday and figured I'd drop in and see if I could pick it up and have it ready for this weekend to give my boat a once over before heading up north at the end of the month.


I pulled up and the place looks dark, don't see anyone around and the doors are locked... No notes or anything, tons of trolling motors and other stuff still stuffed in the front though.

I walked around to all the other businesses in the area and they all had no idea where this guy disappeared to, they said he used to be their landlord and he sold the plaza a few months back and they haven't heard from him since, and have only seen him dropping by for short periods of time, albeit very infrequently and none more recent than 2 months ago, also that I'm probably the15th person to stop in asking what's going on lol

Called up the OPP detachment to see who I should be contacting, or what I should be doing so I can get my trolling motor back, got in touch with the officer looking into things and he believes that the guy just took off up to his cottage in Bancroft, but will have to get someone else to investigate further.

So I'm hoping I can get my motor back, at the very least to get it fixed elsewhere if he didn't do it, or get it and go fishing lol. Hopefully no one else from the board has anything locked up there. 

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Came to a resolution with the guy!


The OPP contacted him, turns out his place in Bancroft was at serious risk of flooding. Since April, his driveway was under 4' of water so he was essentially trying to keep his cottage safe.

So I get to pick it up today, I just don't understand how as a business owner can't leave a message on the door with a cell number or even a message on your company answering machine saying hey sorry here's the deal.

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