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Fly'n into Pine Portage Lodge, any "Kaby Lake" tips? (AKA Kabinakagami Lake)


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Hey there OFC Community!


I've booked a fly-in fishing trip out of Wawa, Ontario at Pine Portage Lodge for the end of May. I'd seen the place featured on several shows over the years; Fish'n Canada, Fish TV & most recently on Canada In The Rough. All shows gave it stellar reviews. I had to check it our for myself. The fishing looks amazing, accommodations awesome & the owners are very friendly (met them at the Toronto Sportsman Show).

Now to the important part. :Gonefishing: THE FISHING !!

I'm looking for any tips for that body of water you can offer please.

The lodge is located on Kabinakagami Lake, commonly known as "Kaby Lake". I have a few GPS points the shows mentioned, but more info is always better than less.

Thanks in advance and I'll be sure to post a full report once I'm back.




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All my experience was at the south end in the summer. I doubt you need to venture down that far though. I almost went back there this year, but chose another place. It's a nice lake.


I have a compiled list of spots from who knows where...probably surfing the various forums....so I don't know how good it is. I never manage to get to most of the spots myself. Most probably aren't relevant for fishing in May anyway.


Joe's Island
Gil's Island
Schist Bay
Alligator Point (for pike)
Alligator Alley (for pike)
Rapala Island (W and S of for pike)
+Rapala Island (N of and along E coast)
+Burnt Island (W and N shoreline)
Sandy's Rock (S point weeds for pike)
No Fish Bay (N of)
Melanie's Bay
Beaver Bay
Elmer's Island (S side)
Davey's Bay (back of)

Boot Bay
+Poplar Point
+Poplar Point (Isle N for pike)
+Heather's Bay (weeds for pike)
Breezway Islands ("Sharkback" hump near)

Hiawatha Gold Mind (Rock Pile off of)
Birch Island (NE of)
Kaby Lodge (point N of with large rock)
+Windy Point (shoreline all around)
+Fern's Bay
+Picard's Point (west shore)
+Carlson's Bay (weeds for pike)
+Little Kaby Bay (weeds)
+5 Mile Bay (for pike)
Little Kaby River (go into river for Perch)

Whitefish Bay (Ermine creek outlet for pike)
Whitefish Bay (weeds and rocks off of point)


Have a good trip!


You probably already have one, but here is a map (not to be used for navigation!):


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