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  1. Thanks guys!! I had no idea a shot of our two day shoot made the cover until yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise when I hit cell service coming back from Lake Nipigon. I ran into this MooseBunk guy up there!! Anyways thanks again, hoping to get a long overdue report up for the community. It's been awhile.... TDunn
  2. Huzzsaba, it was my pleasure buddy! Next time you are up in this area bring some waders! Ha!! Hopefully the rapids will be lower, so it's not so insane for wading. Thanks guys for the kind words, always willing to help a board member out.... Hopefully get a report up soon full of some fish porn, TDunn
  3. Definitely fun..... See if you can find a used Hobie with mirage drive.... I use a 13 foot Hobie revolution. I'm 6"3, 200 pounds and can fish for days comfortably. Expensive yes but money well spent in my opionion
  4. Call Addy at misty mountain fly shop located on haviland bay (Lake Superior) just outside the soo. Rooms under 100 bucks, restaurant and a great fly/tackle shop. Tell him I sent you..... http://www.mistymountainflyshop.com Or stay in the soo (Dara had some good recommendations) and fish the st.marys for a few hours.
  5. Ummm.... awesome!! Great write up Mike. Looked like great fishing and even better company. Thanks for the report
  6. Bunk, great trip! I spoke to Rob the other day, he mentioned your double header..... Wild! Everything you preach about O.R.R. Is bang on...its truely my favourite destination in Ontario. To bad our trips didn't align this year....maybe next year Talk soon man
  7. Nice fish! Would have fooled me..... I've caught Atlantics on the superior side of the St Mary's dam when fishing whities in the summer. They definitely get through!
  8. -9 this morning when I left for the rivers north at 5am, snow was still over my knees in LSPP.....and Superior is still locked!!
  9. Steelhead love em.... I like that they don't dive once you start retrieving. Let sink to desired depth then reel (I count and use the 1s=1ft) Sometimes I will twitch or jerk it in on the retrieve but often just a straight retrieve works well. Great for casting on rivers.... TDunn
  10. That's my uncle Tim. I remember your trip with him Shloim. Small world.... Fire him an email Bl8ant. TDunn
  11. Well I think we need to chat on the phone again Drew..... I have a few questions for Ya about the trip. love the videos and beauty fish!! TDunn
  12. I've stayed at onamans, royal windsor and reflection. South East end of the lake definitely reflection. North, You have Onamans. Ccanuck- if you thought onamans was Spartan, you can't imagine royal Windsor. Breaker box was in the shower in our cabin!! Olga is worth the price of admission tho! Bunk, I've been trying to get a hold of Robert? Maybe his internet is down? He has mentioned in the past his internet goes out from time to time. Thought maybe you would know. Supposed to be heading up late June. Just want to double check with him on a few things. msp- If I was going back in the fall again I would be thinking about camping in the South Bay area.... Lots of camping spots. If it was me tho, I'd book early summer 2016 at onamans or reflection. TDunn
  13. http://m.sootoday.com/content/news/details.aspx?c=88656
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