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Fathers Day Weekend Fishing BOQ

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To celebrate Fathers Day, my Grandsons came to visit Hay Bay and take a chance on some walleye fishing and some fishing off the docks.


We (Great GrandFather, Grandad, Dad and two sons) headed out Saturday morning to Shermans Point to troll around. The first 45 minutes were quiet and some little boys patience was running thin, until Papa Bert said the magic words - "Fish On!!"


Young William (three years old) was first up to reel in the fish. He was helped by his Papa and at the same time, Dad (Superdave) had a fish on for AJ to reel in. It was like a one armed paper hanger with a five year itch......


Will reeled in the fish and it was netted and what a happy little boy, not to mention the fathers!!!!!!!


AJ was reeling his fish and it was netted and it was a beauty - 20 inches. Boy- are they rare things out there.


Here's the First Walleye for William.




AJ's personal best was also captured on film.




What a bunch of happy campers who made their way back to the dock for a family picture.




We had landed seven walleye using the Uzick Spinner and worm rig, everyone was happy.


On Sunday,we took the boys out again and hit the same spot and this trip brought another seven walleyes to the boat, these fish were quite small and were all released by the young boys. We were joined by Dan Elliott to chat for a bit and he was kind enough to snap a photo of us on our boat.




It was a super weekend for the boys with first fish and personal bests - it was a spectacular Fathers Day Weekend.


Stay Tuned


David aka Superdad

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What a great experience, and even better with all four generations fishing together! You are a lucky person to be able to report something like this. I'm sure that most of us here would love to have had a picture taken of their first pickerel! Thanks for the great report and fantastic pictures. Hope you guys enjoy many more trips of the same in the future.

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