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  1. Same thing happened here. my wife ordered a "king" jacket mid november ish for me for xmas. Nothing, then promised it would be delivered after xmas. Nothing not even an email unless we contacted them. Sorry the items arent in yet was all we got. Finally close to the end of Januaray we recieved the item. Heard a few stories like yours and mine. Better to buy fishbum merch from outlets like bass pro or where ever, that way it will say if its in stock or not, rather from the site itself. That said, the do carry a great product and the price point for there product is spot on imo.
  2. i found it....from Finland or sweden. Salsa Flasher
  3. You wouldnt have a picture of one would you?
  4. I saw the other night a guy who just landed a salmon and he had a unique shaped flasher on, like a large apex lure, but as a flasher. Has anyone seen anything like this, or know what it would be? It wasn't a Yakima bait or kone zone flasher, as I am familiar with them Thanks
  5. yea I figured....but hey...always a chance right!
  6. WKRP.....if you are serious....PM maybe? Gallie....that would be great...thanks FloatnFly...thanks for the links I forgot about fishergirl Thanks for all the input guys
  7. lol.....hey if my little girl wants to come fish with me and have her own pink downrigger card, you can consider my man card turned in!!
  8. I know I can get rods generally used for other types of fishing. I know I can spray paint as well but would rather purchase one that is already pink. My daughter wants her own downrigger road, and we can settle on pink, just no princesses on it.
  9. As the title suggests, im looking for a pink downrigger rod! I have been looking around and can not find anything. I know it may be a stretch but im just curious if anyone out there has seen one or would know of where to get one. Thanks
  10. http://www.marttiini.fi/en_GB Marttinni knives, straight from Finland. IMO one of the best. Was in Helsinki for the world juniors and got to handle many of their collections. Excellent knives
  11. he made downrigger mounts for me as well....absolultely amazing workmanship!
  12. thanks for kind replies guys, and for keeping a topic like this civil. hahah
  13. hahaha thats what i thought...i always thought that the fight of an atlantic was 6 feet below and 6 feet above the surface. This thing bulldoged. I was just looking through my scott and crossman freshwater fishes of canada (which i should have done before), and its a brown thanks everyone for the help
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