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  1. Thanks everyone for the help on the topic. My guess is shes a small/ medium were going to take a look tomorrow. and will defenetly look into the arctic jackets aswell Hey buddy what size / modle /colour?
  2. Hey guys and gals. Havent been on here in far too long, hope everyone is dusting off the ice huts and getting ready for the ice season! Was wondering if anyone knew of any good deals on canadian goose jackets. i recall there was a post on here a year or two ago of one member who was able to help fellow OFC'rs out but that post looks to be longggg gone.. So if you know of any deals i would much appreciate it as im looking to buy it for my girlfriend for christmas. Thanks again. A fellow angler -Alex
  3. whats everyone catchin pike on these days ? anyone get any topwater yet ?

  4. Well You are pretty limited, but any boat launches (try and stay out of the way of vehicles) port perry shoreline + pier , Ceserea Pier, causeway (hwy7A port perry), or the tip of the scugog island.
  5. Well i have hooked myself twice real good, first time a few years ago flipping docks with a brand new jig... the driver of the boat hit a log or a rock with the trolling motor and BOOM hook right in the thumb.. couldnt feel a thing.. untill i looked at my thumb with the jig hanging off of it. cut a small slit where the barb was.. and pushed the hook down and slowly pulled it out.. worked well thumb wasnt to happy about it.. then actually last week hooked into a snot rocket, using an Xrap next thing you know me and the fish are now hooked together.. and me trying to stop the fish from moving also some how managed getting my pointer finger stuck in the mess... felt as if you i super glued my pointer finger and thumb together with the one treble hook and the other hook still in the fishes mouth.. not the funnest.. i ended up hugging it out with the fish (literally).. and removing the hook.. the real challenge was unhooking my two fingers with my left hand.. the xrap hook actually went in and turned a few times in my thumb, but the hole was big enough i could remove the hook by just pushing down and pulling it out.
  6. well like everyone else has stated so far its a little slow motion on Scugug.. so as far as good spots were still looking. Stainer, you from the area ? i live in off of Scugog Point ( 5 min from view lake ) let me know when your goin Il keep my eye out for ya, I'l be in my blue springbok
  7. ketchenany" Bowmanville CT store is one of the biggest in ontario, but Lindsays fishing department is way above and beyond ctc's fishing standards it would give Gagnons and bass pro a run for its money if it was closer for some.. tho the prices are somthing to be worked on.. mostly equal.. but many above level
  8. Hey guys, Know a buddy about half way up the lake on one of the islands, spent a weekend there fishing and alot of beverages.. but if you go in any of the back bays toss a spoon and youl find some little hammer handle pike, and the odd bass, also if you have a depth finder look for any pockets between structure, i found about 18'FOW we were catching walleye. / as far as trout etc i am no luck ! but best of luck to you and the kids!
  9. Buddy I did the same thing with my 14, added a deck and bowmount.. never again will i go with out one ! works great!!! hope you enjoy
  10. I have had the STX since they came out, loved it ever since, also have some other reels. and still prefer this one over it, the thing is a tank of a reel!
  11. Very good point dan. i was actually thinking of buying some of the closed cell expansion foam, and adding it into the boat. where i could. thanks again
  12. Awesome guys thank you, I have already taken all the foam out of the two rear bench seats, but I havnt done anything with the middle bench as of yet. but am thinking now that i will remove the foam.. and maybe use it for storage or just lighten the load. as far as the rivets. I personaly have hardly looked into them other then i marked the ones that have been leaking. and well its an older boat that was handed down to me from my old fishing partner (my grandfather) so I just wanted to keep it up and running. Thanks again guys!
  13. Hey everyone, long time since i have made a post, been working too much ! just had a question or two.. maybe you guys can help me out I have a 14' tin boat that i have been using and well am going to be rockin' untill.. well untill i cant haha and well I wanted to seal some rivets as well as i notticed the styro in the seats are becoming water-logged, was just currious what the best products you have found to be to stop leaks, as well would i be fine just removing the syro and making storage ? or what would be my best bet as far as that goes.? thank you for any and all help ! a fellow angler - Alex
  14. Was out last night, have a tin hut out by Birch island lots of ice under me, sinclair where abouts is your hut located ?? I also saw a hut 5o% in the drink but its just south of view lake right off of st.christophers not far from shore at all.
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