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Tough clear water largemouth

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Spen the last 2 days up in Haliburton chasing largemouths on a very clear water lake.

Extremely frustrating 2 days, flat calm water and a mix of sun and rain.

Ended up with about 25 bass ranging between 2-4 pounds.

Would have been a great 2 days if not for the 30-40 bass that would follow and reject every offering.

I threw baits ranging from buzzbaits , frogs, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, dropshots and wacky rigged senkos.

Other then dropping down in bait size to very small baits ( which I didnt want to do , do to the number of panfish ) I really don't know what I should have done.

I would appreciate any suggestions.




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Think thats frustrating? Try the musky there. They're killing me this year! I don't know what to tell you Darren, I'm sure you had some really big bass follow, they can be really picky sometimes and the only thing I could offer is to keep out of sight. Those fish can see you from a mile away, unless you're fishing the limited cover thats available. My tough times lure on that lake is a 1/8oz jig with a 8" worm(colour can be really important) trimmed back to 6" or so. Come to think of it, dropping down in weight, but not size of the bait can be the ticket sometimes. Drop me a line next time you're heading up. Good to hear you got into some fish at least!

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Had a bonafied 48" ski hit at the side of the boat on a buzzbait in a thunderstorm and pulled the hook out of its mouth. ARGHHHHHHHHH

Fish was really old, skinny body and huge head, 100 yards from where you caught your PB.


The largemouths were soooooo spooky it felt like llate August when they have seen everything.

Used floro and everything.

Making me doubt the things I do in bass fishing.


Wondering what KVD would do in the situation and how he would approach it.

I dont know if it is just me but I seem to have more and mort of these days with follows and rejections.

Last year it was a couple days on Erie running a gulp gobie and shakie minnow drop shot and having 4-7, 5 pound smallmouths hovering on it but not commiting.


Still really frustrated!!

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Gin clear water, there's only a couple of options... and they both include downsizing!


UL tackle 4 lb fluro and either live bait on a #6 hook or a small profile realistic looking lure... the 1/16 and 1/8 oz inline spinners really shine under those conditions... yes, you'll catch the panfish.. but you'll get some big fish too!!!


... or next time, fish a green plastic lizard rigged carolina style on light tackle... real slow!


I've fished too many rock quarry's with gin clear water... there's one in particular, Keytona lake... huge Bass and Bluegill that dive into cover whenever they hear a lure over 1/16 oz hit the water, you literally have to hide behind a rock or tree and cast a single live worm hooked once thru the collar on a #6 hook with 4 lb. fluro to get the big ones.


I've found that on less pressured clear water bodies, a UL inline spinner cast out of of a sharp slope and allowed to sink to the bottom... then a couple quick turns of the reel handle to get the blade spinning, then slow it down to the slowest speed possible that still keeps the blade turning!


In clear water conditions I fish the deepest water I can find... and I don't want to see any fish... because if you can see the fish, the fish can see you!!!


It's all about stealth in clear water!!!

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If fish are following and not committing there are a couple of things you can try. Color, like mentioned can be very important, especially in clear water so try changing colors of the bait that's getting them to follow and if that doesn't work try changing the size. Last but not least would be the weight size. I have had many days where a 1/4 jig would catch nothing but the faster fall of a 1/2 jig would drive them crazy. It takes some time due to the amount of combination's but there is always something they are willing to commit to.


As a general rule, longer casts will also put more fish in your boat since you will have less chance of spooking them.



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