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So your in a band...

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    • Public Service Announcement/Movie rental, save your $$

      Typical Nickolas Cage movie, It starts for 90 minutes and then doesn't finish. "" LOOKING GLASS" Cage owes 100's of 1000's in back taxes to the IRS. He did this one to pay down the debt I guess. Terrible way to waste 2 hours. If he spoke the worst line in movie history it might have been worth it. In a movie called ""Straw Man" if I can recall he stops a woman riding her bicycle,  pulls a gun on her and says "Step away from the bike!" Then he is burned at the stake by the locals. 

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    • What's your best boat ramp argument or funny story?

      Launched in St.Clair and had trouble starting it.  Took my time cause there was nobody trying to get there boat in.  While playing with the motor a guy says to me "Are you going to be all day".  I looked behind me and it was a guy that wanted to get his boat out.  I said to him "My bad I thought you were fishing there" lol.  A little awkward when I moved my boat to the other side, but all was okay.  Was a lesson learned cause it was my first launch with my first boat.   I'm sure some of you guys

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    • How to read your fishfinder

      I didn't watch this myself but just from the title thought some here may find it interesting. If not, don't shoot the messenger  

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    • When your son takes you fishing

      19.5" on father's day weekend 😊 another trip we won't forget!

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    • Check your lifejackets

      Got a nice 240.00 ticket yesterday, 40 feet from the launch. One lifejacket, the tag had faded so you couldn't read the info. Jacket was still good. No rips or tears, zipper buckles and straps all work. But the tag had faded so that makes a perfectly good lifejacket that works.......a 240.00 ticket. No warning given and the officer was waaaaay too excited by the sight of a lifejacket that he might be able to give a ticket on. Could not get the jacket into his hands fast enough so he could check

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