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Best place for trailer parts

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My brother and I picked up a half finished boat trailer. This winter we plan to finish it for next year. It will just be carrying a 14 foot tinny with a small motor so the trailer doesn't need to be anything special. We still need to add all the stuff to hold the boat (bunks, rollers, winch, ...). Where is the best place to get all this stuff? I know princess auto has some of it, just want to make sure there isn't a cheaper place. If anyone knows of a scrap yard that may have some of the brackets and stuff for this that would be good. Basically we just want to get this trailer finished for as little as possible. We could probably make alot of the stuff out of scraps but it would be nice to have proper brackets.


Any input is appreciated!




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Neither of those places have what i'm looking for. I found one place that can get me stuff, but they'd have to special order it all and so i'm thinking it will be more expensive than it needs to be.


Here is what I am looking for:

  • Winch Post - with a bow stop bracket
  • Keel roller brackets
  • Bunk brackets

Most places only have the parts for the trailer (jacks, tires, bearings, lights, etc...) but I am looking for the stuff that holds the boat.


Any other ideas?

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My 14 ft boat trailer just uses to metal brackets with carpetted 2x4's. the swiwel up and down like a see saw. Plenty good for lighter boats and real cheap.

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I can get trailer stuff up here at out Western Tire, but not sure of where to get them in your area. You can find lots on the net that probably be shipped in a couple of days, just google Bunk Brackets.

This is what some look like.




Then you just drill a hole though the middle of a 2x4 and cover with outdoor carpet or similar.

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