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  1. Very cool, I think I need a camera with that feature.
  2. Hello Brandon, good to see you still at it. Checked out your youtube video's. Great shots as always. Like the star trails. Went out last year at this awesome spot to try and get some star trails, but my camera wouldn't let me take long enough exposures. Have bought a remote since, but haven't been out to try it yet, hopefully soon. Anyways good to see all you guys still at it.
  3. Thanks guys, not sure why that thread doesn't show when I searched. Now to let it marinade overnight.
  4. Trying to make some Beef Jerky, what marinade would be best? And any other helpful hints.
  5. Beautiful pictures Dan, Wow.
  6. Great shot Dan, darkening it gives it a mood.
  7. Deano

    Little Sumptin

    Great job, I'm with Dan, I'm in awe at how paint can turn into a great picture, I wouldn't know where to start.
  8. Deano

    Elliot Lake

    Great pictures, really like the reflection shots. Fall has such a great photo ops.
  9. Great report and pics Dan. That's doing it in style. Loved the finish, Carl Edwards said he tried to win like in the video games, but his car slowed down much more than he expected. LOL Was a great race, glad you had great weather and a great time. Looking forward to Vegas in March, that's gonna be my next NASCAR race we're attending.
  10. Very sad news, condolences to his family and friends. I will miss his post. God Bless.
  11. Their racing Bristol and the weather is clear, race on at 7
  12. Deano

    Out fishing

    And got some pics. Here's a couple And my son with one of our catch.
  13. Great shots Brandon, we've had lots of rain here also.
  14. Wow, great cloud formations, we had some good ones here earlier tonight. Crazy weather.
  15. Deano

    Bruce Peninsula

    Great shots Evan, looks like you had a great time.
  16. Wow, incredible pics. Great colors, the first one is my favorite with the reflections and the boat.
  17. Great report Dan and great pics, Nice fish there, beautiful colors.
  18. Deano

    The Bench

    It's a great shot Dan, I think because living up north, we see these scenes most mornings, so they loose a bit of there appeal, but to people who very rarely ever get to see such beauty, this is just awesome, heaven-like. Sorta like how we drool over carribean beaches
  19. Awesome shots Brandon. The first one , wow. And that's is so cool, capturing Orca's in the wild.
  20. That's so neat that you can always change something if you want, look forward to what your working on now.
  21. Great captures Dan. The light shining on the water and seeing it through the rock is awesome. That tent shot really stands out, awesome.
  22. Nice work Pam, works of art.
  23. Great shots, like the rays shining through the clouds and the shine on the water.
  24. I looked on the CD that came with my camera and it has a raw editor on it (Image Data Converter SR) I'll have to try some HDR's with RAW images. Gonna take much more time to get each HDR though.
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