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  1. Have not, but also considered crossing to the east and going up the Wenebegon Provincial Park area, could cut a few hours of drive time off of the places I looked at previously near Perrault falls.
  2. Big Cliff, thanks and glad to be on the board. I have a 19ft Lund and was thinking of brining it along, but due to taking the whole family, and mother is elderly, thought of finding a place with a pontoon but not a must. Its not the best to fish out of, but this trip isn't all about me fishing or i'd be going with the guys. I'm used to be from the east coast and fished Rice Lake above Toronto a few times but now I'm coming from the Mid-West. I'd like to find a place where I can get some fishing in early in the mornings and later in the day, the family will probably fish a little at most. Geographically a lodge within proximity to make some day trips site seeing or some local stuff would be great. As much as I'd prefer to stay out fishing all day everyday, this is not that trip. I had a deposit at the Cliffs Lake Lost Bay resort Perrault Falls CA last season but had to cancel due to my fishing partner had a family emergency, so I never got up to NW ON, and that was definitely supposed to be a guys fishing trip. Thanks again!
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to plan a family vacation to Canada and looking for a family friendly fishing lodge/resort. Im coming from Chicago up through MN and the International Falls. I'm an avid fisherman, but bringing the family, grandson and elderly mother. Although we are looking to visit the great scenery of Canada, I'd like to do some fishing. I was working when the All-Canada fishing show was in town, so Any advice on where to look would really be appreciated. Thanks!!
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