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  1. A Newfie is visiting Texas and starts a conversation with a Texan at a local bar. The Texan asks the Newfie where he's from and the Newfie says, "You know where New York is?" The Texan says, "Yeh, yeh, I know where that is" The Newfie says, "Well baye, you just drives north of there about 6 hours, turns right for 3 hours and catches a 6 hour ferry and you're there in Newfoundland." The Texan says "That's got to be close to China!" The Newfie thinks about this and then says, "By gosh, I think you might be right. I work with a Chinese guy and he goes home for lunch every day!"
  2. I think that I may need one of these soon. http://www.chonday.com/Videos/snowblowvch1
  3. Looks like they're changing up the chase this year. Don't know how I feel about the new format yet. We'll have to see how it goes this season. http://www.nascar.com/en_us/news-media/articles/2014/1/30/chase-for-the-nascar-sprint-cup-championship-format-changes.html
  4. If anyone plans to be driving up this way may I suggest you don't . Lots of road closures and the county cannot keep up with the massive drifts over some of the roads . Just came back from O ville and there are some drifts on my local road that are 10 ft high and 1/2 way across the road . Be careful out there !
  5. Just got my propane bill on Jan 21. $579 to fill my tanks after two months! Don't want to see my March bill after these deep freezes.
  6. Anyone know where you can buy horse meat in Durham Region, or Kawartha Lakes? Thanks, Entropy
  7. They hit one of my dream rivers the Fawn. These guys are hardcore
  8. Couple weeks back when it was quite cold out I heard a few very loud bangs but didn't think too much about it and just figured it was the house groaning with the cold. This morning was -28 and and I heard the bangs again but even louder this time and it sounded like somebody firing a shotgun on the back deck. I happened to put on City-TV this morning and they were talking about this exact thing and said it was ground water freezing and expanding with the cold causing the ground to crack which produces the very loud bangs. I don't recall ever hearing it before and just wondered if anyone else has heard the same things ??
  9. Hey all. So if you could spend a day with a current (living) celebrity just to "hang out and shoot the poop with" who would it be and why? Me, Sheryl Crow (good looking, good music and I bet enjoys hunting/fishing)
  10. A week or so ago I ordered myself a new toy for Christmas. It came in to the store on Christmas Eve but I found out too late to go pick it up. I went in today to get it. I finally got myself one of them HD action cam thingies so I can get some kick donkey video and not worry about water and other nasty environmental stuff. Got a great deal online from the Source on this 1080 HD Extreme HD cam with all kinds of mounts, 2 batteries and micro HD card. It was on sale for $100 of @ only $129 so really couldn't go wrong. Now to figure out where to put mounts on my boats and sled.
  11. We are down on snow here this year and as I had replaced a ski and installed new ($200) carbides at the end of the season I wanted to wait until there was a decent base so as not to prematurely shorten the life of the new stuff. The trails are still pretty rough and could use more snow but I have seen them worse. Went out for a short 2 hour shakedown cruise to make sure all is good and to let my sledding muscles remember what to do. It usually takes me a couple of rides to get back into riding shape. Took a couple of pics while out on the big lake. We are supposed to get some snow tonight and tomorrow and ahead of the front we got a kick donkey sun dog.
  12. MAY DAY!!!!! MAY DAY!!!!!! ALL TORONTONIANS URGED TO STAY INSIDE!!!!!! EXTREME COLD WEATHER ALERT!!!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!!!!!!! http://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/toronto-issues-extreme-cold-weather-alert-extra-shelter-for-the-homeless-added/17970/
  13. Well I have decided to get into making me own booze as yet another hobby and to save a bunch of dough. Booze is anything but cheap up here in the NWT with beer averaging about $55 a two four and my beloved rum is $56 for a 40 ouncer. So while I'm waiting for my supplies to arrive from Texas lets here about your home brewing/distilling exploits!!!!
  14. We started to winterize my 95 Merc Mariner 115 HP yesterday. All was well until it was time to start the motor. No spark. I haven't had any start up problems all year that is until the last run 2 weeks ago. She usually fires up on a second or maybe third crank. However 2 weeks ago it took at least 6 tries before she fired. Yesterday nothing. Plenty of fuel. Put the spark tester on her and have nothing. ( cheap tester is suspect). The only thing out of the ordinary was that we found 1 bolt of 2 missing from the top of the powerpac. I thought it may have worked it's way out somehow, unlikely, but the bolt isn't at the bottom of the engine. Featherstone Ted looked in his Merc manual last night and we are going to work from the fuse panel back this afternoon after I pick up a proper spark tester. The 7.99 indicated from CTC is suspect, put it on the truck and sometimes it shows spark, sometimes not. Any suggestions? Hopefully by the time I check here she's done. Any help is greatly appreciated. Johnny D
  15. Seems Tory and Grant were in LAXs' Terminal 3 when the gunman started shooting. http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/11/01/mythbusters-lax-shooting/
  16. Was cleaning the garage today and found this old paddle (pics below) It was found by my daughter and I a few years ago. We recovered it from the bottom of the Scugog river. We were fishing and spotted it on the river bed, It was covered with green slime and zebra muscles. I dragged it home much to the disapproval of my wife lol. Anyway any thoughts or do you know anyone who might know much about paddles? I assume its of no significance but who knows, worste case it makes a cool wall mount. Sorry pics aren't great
  17. Picture this: A short box Chevy with one of those drop in plastic liners. Then comes the load, no ropes or straps, I'm conservatively estimating about a dozen sheets of chipboard, a little less than a dozen sheets of something else(maybe drywall), a bunch of looong 2x4's, 2x6's 4x4's, a "few" bundles of shingles, strategically placed at the rear of the load topped off with at least 4 of those big cement deck blocks with the cross in the top. I guess the deck blocks were to "hold down" the shingles and keep them from flying away at highway speed. Here we are, me following this jaboni westbound down Tiffin St and onto highway 90 westbound, neither road is smooth by any stretch of the imagination, every little bump has this truck porpoising up and down near doing wheelies. The light turns red at 90 and 27 at the Garden gallery, fortunately there's a double straight lane/right turn lane I get into to get past this guy. Light turns green, I roll off, Jaboni gets on the gas, a very loud wham/slap and does the best executed combat download I've ever seen. Dumped the whole load pretty much in the intersection. I wonder, if the load would have stayed in the truck if he would have attached an oversize red flag on the back? Did I stop to help him, nope, you just can't help stupid..
  18. I'm thinking about selling my fishing rig and getting into something much larger and gently used, probably something with all the bells and whistles maybe even an aft cabin. 28' plus. I was thinking seriously about a nice cuddy but for a few bucks more you can get into something much larger. It looks like it's the first 25' that costs you. There sure are many deals out there compared to 8 years ago. Many, many reasons I may make this move. I know many here have boats and was wondering if there is a good boating forum that I will learn from before I spend some hard earned money and make a lifestyle change. I will have to sell our waterfront property to do so probably unless I spend less than 30K. We've been thinking about moving inland as these winters on the water are getting to me, big time. We've been lucky these past few winters but normally we never know if we can get out after a storm. We have a place south I rent out for the year as the wife still works full time, if it's something she can do were looking at staying the summers and fall on the boat then going south when she decides to retire in no less than 8 years. No sense going from one waterfront deck to go to a different one for the day or weekend. I have friends over the years that got into it and lasted 2 seasons, some after 30 years are still there. Anyone done the same thing? Thoughts? Thanks Johnny D
  19. I know many here have boats, some small some larger, I said if anyone knows the answer for the question I have we will find it here. A few pals have boats that we are in the process of upgrading and restoring. My duties are to restore and detail the interiors. Both have what appear to have teak appointments. The smaller Grew may not be teak as the wood does have what looks to be a clear coat of spar varnish. I will strip the outer coating off and reseal it if it isn't teak. It looks like it was sealed aftermarket. The question is what is the best way to clean the teak and what would be the best way to treat it afterwards? I am thinking Tung Oil, linseed oil has been suggested as well. Thanks all in advance. JD
  20. Hey guys. I want to challenge the hunter exam. I had my license in NFLD but need to take the test here. Does anyone have a Hunter Education Manual kicking around I could buy or borrow? Thanks Curt
  21. We had a water main break out front of the house the other day and for some reason our inline water filter leaked. We don't use it so I cut out the "T" fitting and soldered in a section of copper. When the water came back on, it whistledand no real preassure, I let it go a 2 days and today I cut out most of the copper and added a new shut off. Same results. This is the only tap in the house that does this. Is it time for a new tap?
  22. Might be ready to pull the trigger on an ATV. I'm not a speed demon nor very mechanical. 5' 6" tall. Mostly to poke around the cottage and maybe the Haliburton trails. Thinking of a Honda 420 PG CTE in camo. 2013's are on sale. about $7500 Anybody have an opinion on this machine? Also looking at Yamaha 550 with EPS. Quite a bit more $
  23. As a Leafs fan, this one is obvious. Reg season starts Tuesday. I'm pretty pumped about the Leafs this year. Let's see how the Leafs and my buddy Dion do this year. But the most exciting thing about next week for me is my annual trek to Kansas City for NASCAR chase race #4. This will be year #11 for me. What a fun week this is. Besides the race, we'll be attending the largest bbq competition in North America. The American Royal. It's just another big party. But before I leave on Wednesday, I have to get through two 10 hour days working along side tanks of huge Brook Trout, Lake Trout and Steelhead in a hatchery. Damn.
  24. So next spring I'm heading down to Florida for 6 weeks to do a little fishin' & relaxin'. I'm going to be in St' Pete's for the month of March and being a Canuck I can't be without my hockey fix for that long so I picked up some Lightning tickets to go catch some live hockey over in Tampa. It seems that Tampa is the third cheapest market in the NHL so seating is quite reasonable there. I took in a game last time I was there and had 7 row on the visitors blue line for $90 a seat. Be lucky to get nose bleeds in TO for that price. So, since I'm going to be there for the whole month I figured I would take in a few games. I got tickets for the Bruins on March 8th and Canucks on the 17th both sets are 5th row next section closer to the visitors net. I also just picked up tickets in the same section 4th row to watch the Sens lose on the 24th. The most expensive tickets were Boston (premium team on Saturday night) at $100 a piece. The cheapest were the Sens (anyone really surprised about this? ) at $45 a piece. With service charges etc my pair of tickets to the Sens/Lightning game were $116.40 US.
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