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  1. Muskie Tackle, Tools and Net View Advert Everything you need for Muskie Fishing. See my other ad for rods and reels. Bag/Trays/Dividers $40 Long Nose Pliers and Knipex Bolt Cutters. $40 100 lb test flouro leader $10 Kelly Kustom Bucktail Spinners - Double 10s $30 each Handlebarz Double 8s. $20 each Two safety pin style Grim Reaper Spinnerbaits $25each. One bulldawg $20 Two Tube Jigs $20 each (with extra tube) Frabill Conservation Series Muskie Net $150 Advertiser manjo39 Date 07/11/2019 Price 1.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
  2. View Advert Muskie Rods/Reels Casting and Trolling Everything you need for Muskie Fishing. Check my other ad for tackle, bag, tools and net. 1. St. Croix 8' Legend Tournament Med-Heavy with a Shimano Calcutta Left Hand. Loaded with 80lb test Power Pro and a 100lb test flouro leader. 2. St. Croix 8'6" Legend Tournament Heavey with a Revo Toro NaCl Left Hand. Loaded with 80lb test Power Pro and a 100lb test flouro leader. 3. Shimano TDR Trolling Rod 4. St. Croix Premier 8' Heavy Working on getting fuller descriptions/models of rods and proper pricing. Advertiser manjo39 Date 07/11/2019 Price 1.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
  3. Hi Cliff! Hope all is well. Let me know when you are up for some Walleye fishing on Sturgeon this year. When I don't have any fresh, I usually get my roe from http://www.fishheadscanada.net/
  4. I just saw this now. So sorry to hear the news. Jeahn, the boys and I send our sincerest condolences. You and Sue will be in our thoughts and prayers. May eternal rest be granted unto Sue and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.
  5. No one has ever died from not eating a mushroom.
  6. Hi Tjames09, I'm just up the river from you it seems. I went through the same things when I started (same questions I see you posting I went through). Extremely frustrating in our area as it gets chocked pretty good in the summer. Felt like it was useless to fish largies with a 12 volt on my 18 foot Legend. I tried everything short of epoxying razor blades on the prop. The solution that worked for me is to go to a 24 volt. I have no experience with motorguide, but the 24 volt Minnkota I can tell you works for me. You still need to lift and clear matted veg once and a while from the shaft not prop.
  7. I also have a BGE and a Napoleon natural gas. Agree with everything said above. There is a learning curve with the Egg and you develop a relationship with it. To add, to get volume out of the egg, you need to stack vertically or use rib racks etc.cook roasts etc. Its great for roasts of any kind especially roast chicken. I agree you need time to use it. Some say it only takes 15 minutes to get it to 900, but I find you need to let the fire burn for a bit to get the desired blue smoke to eliminate the rancid smoke flavour for the delicious clean charcoal flavour. I've had my Napoleon for 16 years. The key is the stainless steel parts to achieve the longevity. I had an issue with the sear plates, called Napolean after the warranty had well expired and they send me new parts no charge. My next natural gas BBQ will be a Napoleon. If I had to decide today, I'd look at the Traeger Timberline series (set it and forget it) and compare with the BGE for my charcoal/smoking needs. And get a Napoleon for quick grilling.
  8. You need two different setups for vertical jigging vs. ripping. Ripping requires a more stout rod, the taper doesn't matter as much because you are ripping up vigorously every time. For vertical jigging the XF taper will help as Buick14 mentions. I would recommend you start with a vertical jigging rod and try it for ripping as well. Then try your bass rod (baitcast will work) for ripping as well to get a feel for what think would be best.
  9. I find its not the action/taper that is the key for ripping bucktails, its more the power. I use a 6'6" fast action MH to rip through the weeds. For jigging on the edge (not through the weeds) then a fast, M is good. For Bass in heavy cover, I use a baitcaster for accuracy and stronger drag to get the fish out.
  10. I switched out my stock Shimano bearings on an 201e7 and D101s for ABEC7 Ceramics. Did a spin test on a stopwatch before and after and did not notice a measurable difference. On casting couldn't tell either other than now the reels are much noisier on the cast. They'd probably make a great figit spinner though.
  11. I have a Legend XCaliber as well. I second or third Trojan - really good guy to deal with and quality product. He will rubberize the Down East Salty to protect your rod handle if its cork. Plus make a custom mount for you to get them attached or detached and out of way when not in use. I use them for Muskie in the Kawartha's.
  12. Water level way up. My regular launch's dock was under water last weekend. My want to check ahead.
  13. I have an Mustang auto inflate as well. Pleasure to wear. Some of the higher models have a more comfortable collar. Mine starts to each on the back of the neck if its right against the skin. Also, be sure that you have easy access to replacement recharge kits as they have expiry dates on them.
  14. I have both Carbonlites and Cumaras. I'll trade you my Carbonlites for your Cumaras.
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