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  1. https://www.kawartha411.ca/2020/10/14/cobourg-man-charged-after-video-of-dangerous-boating-incident-on-rice-lake-is-made-public/
  2. fined $2k for dangerous boating.....hearsay
  3. rcb.png
    Cobourg resident Miami Rice On 155405
  4. https://www.facebook.com/randy.crossen
  5. Ohio OH Oklahoma OK Oregon OR
  6. the registration tag seems missing though if it's a OH #
  7. Formats after 2007...Ontario
  8. https://globalnews.ca/news/7372028/peterborough-county-opp-dangerous-boating-incident-rice-lake/
  9. for a 30 yr old motor, there's a possibility of a worn clutch dog that cannot maintain full engagement with the forward gear when under higher load transmission
  10. https://www.lakesimcoeliving.com/blog/hooked-on-fishing/muskie-love.html
  11. Fishdawg If Im not wrong Colin is aka Skeinmachine, Skiener Always enjoy reading his posts in those days Do not see him post any more in Spoonpullers since the new management though
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