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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I had a 90's 40 HP mercury, when I drove on lake today, the reverse and forward with low speed all fine, when I try to speed up, I heard a very load noise from motor, and speed won't change. Thanks. peter
  2. Hi All, I recently picked up a Legend 16 XGS and want to get a boat cover for it but don't want to pay for the Ĺegend Boat cover from the dealer. Even with the Dealer giving me a deal, we are talking $500. (REGULAR $800?). Does anyone have experience with either Attwood or Taylor Made? Do they fit Deep V Side Consoles okay? Even these run about $350. Is there a better alternative out there that I am mising?
  3. Hello, It's been years since I've posted but I have remained a loyal lurker, checking the board almost daily and getting lots of valuable info. Now I have a question that I hope I can get some help with. I fish almost exclusievley on Sturgeon Lake, where I have a trailer, and I generally troll worm harnesses for walleyes. I have a 16 foot aluminum side console (older) with a 35hp Merc (also older). The motor runs great but I can't get it to troll down slow enough. I have tried drift socks and 5 gallon pails, but they don't help enough. A friend suggested a trolling plate like this one http://www.basspro.com/Happy-Troller/product/16089/ Has anyone had any experience with one of these that they could share with me? Is it worth the money? How about ease of installation and reliability? Appreciate any feedback I could get. Thanks,
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm looking to buy a house north of Sudbury sometime this year. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share some fishing tips as I haven't been up there much. I'm not looking for anyone's honey hole, just a place with easier access where I can catch a few Pike and/or bass. I fish from a canoe mostly, so maybe some smaller lakes that aren't as well known? Thanks in advance! JW
  5. Boatguide magazine just published my boat test on Starcraft's new Starfish 176 SC - a nice 17-foot side console model that was powered by an E-TEC 135 HO. You can click here to read a copy of the boat test online. Or better yet, go buy a magazine and see even more.
  6. Hi I have been wondering what these 4 screws on the back of my fiberglass boat were. Unfortunately I can't contact the previous owner, and when I bought it I never really asked. I was thinking they were either for down-riggers or some kind of mast attachment :/
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