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  1. Old Man

    The Bitter Cold

    Ha ha ha. Stuff like this makes me laugh.
  2. Old Man


    18 “ on Dinorwic
  3. Old Man

    Temperature Level

    You don’t have to go that far to experience this. Come west to NW Ont, Manitoba or Saskatchewan in winter.
  4. Desjardins for us. Been with them for 5 years for both home and auto. Gets cheaper every year.
  5. Old Man

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    I’ve use Marine Grade Stabil in all my motors, both 2 stroke and 4 stroke, on every fill (fifteen motors in total) for the past 11 years. Never have had a fuel related issue. Well worth it in my opinion.
  6. Old Man


    Thanks Terry
  7. Old Man


    Thank you.
  8. Old Man


    Stopped long enough to pose.
  9. Old Man

    Electric vs Propane Water Heater

    Check out Navien tankless heaters. I have the boiler and domestic hot water combo in my house and it’s been great. Expensive to buy, but cheap to run.
  10. Old Man

    Oz Owls

    Thanks Ralph
  11. Old Man

    bow mounted trolling motors

    Had my Xi 5 for 2 years. Love it. Don't over look it. On anchor, it holds Crestliner Fishhawk on spot even in heavy winds.
  12. Old Man

    Curious Wallaby

  13. Old Man

    Grazing Roos