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  1. These stories make me thankful I have my own launch.
  2. It does 😄
  3. The one down side is that you can’t trim out a Jet Drive so they can be a little rougher in the waves. Also coming into dock is a bit more of an adventure. You only have steering control when you have thrust, also they do not reverse fast. So it is a little more unforgiving.
  4. Thanks. I’m impressed with the build quality of it.
  5. We have a lot of rocks and reefs in our lake and many channels, creeks and rivers. It’s a 9.9 Merc Pro Kicker four stroke. It moves it along nicely.
  6. Yes it is. Takes a little bit to get use to the Jet Drive. Handles completely different.
  7. Had it out for the break in. It does get up and move.
  8. Yes it’s a jet boat and those are the exhaust.
  9. Looking forward to getting this out on the water.
  10. We have a dual fuel range. Electric oven, propane cook top. It’s hooks up to two 20 lb propane tanks. When one runs out, switch the valve to the second tank and replace the empty next time we go to town. We go through about 4 tanks a year.
  11. Also could be a stuck needle and seat due to varnish build up in the carb.
  12. The fuel pump works off of pulses in the crank case. If you’re not getting any fuel flow, it could be the pump has a rupture diapham , or the crankcase seals are shot.
  13. I’ve used both AutoGlym’s Leather Cleaner and their Leather Care Balm on my vehicle and our leather sofa with great results. Bought it at Cdn Tire.
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