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  1. I had a 2007 Crestliner 16’ Fishhawk with a 60 hp. It had a 55lb 12 volt trolling motor. Used it for years with no problems. I could troll all day without issue.
  2. You’re welcome. That was my first guess. The previous owner probably tinkered with it at one point.
  3. I’d check the idle screws and mixture screw on the carb first before assuming a seal leak.
  4. Looked at a online parts diagram for the 2000 8hp Johnson. It looks to be the same model carb as in the video above.
  5. Not sure if this You Tube video will help, the motor in it appears to be a few years older. Not sure how much they changed the carb over the years.
  6. Exactly right. Target the problem areas, leave the rest of us alone.
  7. Exactly. The news report was from The Lake radio station in Kenora. It was a stock photo of Ford and Greg Rickford, our MLA for the region.
  8. I live on the edge of a lake, have my own launch, only fish with my family members. I’m going fishing, if the damn ice ever melts 😄
  9. My 2007 Fishhawk had the trolling motor battery in the front centre compartment near the bow. Came from the factory that way. Had that boat for 12 seasons with no issue.
  10. One wheel on my 2005 Silverado does this every winter. It is common problem with aluminum rims, especially as they age. As soon as the weather gets cold, the bead seal leaks. I can go all summer with no problem, in cold weather, it starts to leak. The colder the faster it goes down. I have to top it up regularly through out the winter.
  11. 1987 Chevy S10 2.8 V6, 5 speed manual. Itwas gutless and got horrible gas milage.
  12. Took less than two weeks for mine to show up in the mail. I was surprised.
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