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  1. Love it. It has good power, great in deep snow, handles and rides nice. Pulls my portable loaded down with no problem. Ownedit since new and has been a great sled.
  2. In the year range you specified, both AC Panthers and the Bearcat came in 570cc fan cooled. It’s a good solid motor with good power for a fan cooled.
  3. Check the compression before buying. Pull the plugs, put the tester on . Pull over a minimum of 5 times with throttle held wide open. Both cylinders should be with in 10 % of each other and no less than 120 psi. Then reinstall . Start the sled an let warm up to idle. While idling, spray a little ether towards the crankseal behind the primary clutch. This tests for leaking crankseals. If the engine idle increases when the ether is sprayed, the seals are leaking and the motor will burn down from running too lean. Check track conditions, running gear, sliders, and suspension. Also drive belt, primary and secondary clutch condition. My 2007 AC Panther 570cc Fan Cooled has been a great sled for ice fishing.
  4. Me as well. Very little extra cost for piece of mind. Remember just dumping it in the tank at seasons end and not running the motor means only stabilizer in the tank, not through the whole fuel system. Since one can never be sure of when then last use will be, having stabilized fuel all year removes that worry.
  5. I bought the fittings, primer bulb, went to my local auto parts store and bought quality automotive fuel line and made my own.
  6. They seem to here. Spring and fall, the bite slows down through mid summer. My observation from our lake over the past 12 years out fishing on a weekly basis.
  7. It’s just not boat to boat collisions, there are many that don’t pay attention to shoreline activity. On a hot summer day we swim off the end of our dock, umbrella is up, grandkids playing etc. etc. My seasonal neighbour from a few doors down decides to take his kids out tubing. No problem, but he thens proceeds to move closer and closer to the area that we are swimming in until for our own safety, we all have to exit the water while the continues to buzz past the end of our dock repeatedly. It’s an 18 thousand acre lake. Next time they are out, I’m going down to have a word with him. Just plain ignorance.
  8. Not that uncommon. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fatal_bear_attacks_in_North_America
  9. These stories make me thankful I have my own launch.
  10. The one down side is that you can’t trim out a Jet Drive so they can be a little rougher in the waves. Also coming into dock is a bit more of an adventure. You only have steering control when you have thrust, also they do not reverse fast. So it is a little more unforgiving.
  11. Thanks. I’m impressed with the build quality of it.
  12. We have a lot of rocks and reefs in our lake and many channels, creeks and rivers. It’s a 9.9 Merc Pro Kicker four stroke. It moves it along nicely.
  13. Yes it is. Takes a little bit to get use to the Jet Drive. Handles completely different.
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