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  1. Thanks, I'll ask soon. peter
  2. No experience about it, does the brush length matter?
  3. IMG_20210613_181836.jpg
    Hi, I had a 45lbs Minn Kota motor with Power Drive foot pedal, the propeller did spin, left and right turn working. I disassembled the motor, and measure the voltage between the brushes, it shows about 12.5v, so I assume the food pedal working, and I measured the resistance between two coppers, the value is the same, the springs look fine, so I assume the armature is working. I heard most of issue will come from the brushes, but I only find the brush become a little bit curve instead of flat, is it the issue? any thought?
  4. Hi, I had a 90's 40 HP mercury, when I drove on lake today, the reverse and forward with low speed all fine, when I try to speed up, I heard a very load noise from motor, and speed won't change. Thanks. peter
  5. Hi, I'll stay at pine vista this weekend, I had a boat, where is the hot spot nearby for bass/walleye ? Thanks. peter
  6. Hi, We a few people will stay at Pine Vista Resort during the weekend, anyone fish there before? any fish spot nearby? we'll target walleye and bass. Thanks. peter
  7. Hi, I'll go to pickerel lake near Burk's Falls early Sept., stay in north part of the lake. never fished there before, from the cottage website, walleye, SM bass should be the target fish, anyone fished the lake before? any suggestion? Thanks. peter
  8. Hi, How do you guys fish points? casting from shallow to deep? from deep to shallow? both? I fish the edge with worm only, it seems not very productive. peter
  9. thank you for your quick reply. I do have a garmin GPS and blunchart, fish finder as well, and can find some points, humps, my concern is the large mouth bass will stay there if there is no weeds? peter
  10. http://www.gofishinontario.com/fish.php?fid=10 Yellow Perch facts Ontario record: 2.25 lbs (1 kg).
  11. Hi, Did anyone fish a structure without weeds for largemouth bass? I can't find any weeds deeper than 6' in rice, anyone fish largemouth bass in rice deeper than 6'? Thanks. peter
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