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  1. This doesnt look right.. is it ok to run for a day or will i damage it
  2. Hey is this normal? Been on the correct side overnight...havent changed oil recently
  3. Was hoping to buy a boat but with prices the way they are...I think im gonna mod out the old dinghy for now. Any pics of tricked out dinghys for ideas?
  4. Ended up at chippewa...gotta few for dinner!
  5. Good Afternoon! I have the Day off on Monday and Looking for a lake to get out on to do some bass fishing. Its a 12ft Zodiac with a 9.9 so not looking for big water. Something within 2 - 3 hours of Niagara?
  6. Just purchased this on marketplace eskimo 767. Taking my kids way up North this winter to go ice fishing. Anyone familiar with this model? It is non insulated, will it still retain some heat with the little buddy heater? Any suggestions to fit 3 people in there? Its a 2 - 3 person hut, Wanna fit me and 2 kids but it will be tight.
  7. We did manage it. It just got me thinking. The trailer came off the ball, if the tongue mechanism was broken I wasnt getting my ATV's home.
  8. Just wondering what y'all have for any roadside assistance that covers a trailer? Was on an ATV/fishing in the middle of nowhere (as usual) Had a near bad experience where the trailer came off the ball recently, and it somehow pulled/broke the trailer brake wires. Going to consider some roadside assistance incase I cant get my machines home.
  9. Wondering if anyone here has had this problem, never happened to me before. On my last fishing trip I loaded up and headed out. Went over a big bump and the trailer came off the ball! Scared the %#&* out of me, smashed my license plate and dinged the tailgate too. I was pretty sure I put on the trailer properly, I ended up tightening the nut underneath a small amount and drove slowly home without issue. the ball size is correct and I have a locking hitch pin which was still locked when it came off. Im leaving again tomorrow. I hooked up the trailer this afternoon and went for a ride. Tried to lift the trailer a bit with a jack. No issues so far, I took a pic underneath, does this look correct to everyone?
  10. Looking at some low end reels for the kids in the 1000 and 2500 size. Had a few Pfleugers but they let me down. looking for something that is half decent and will last more than a couple of seasons. Any experience with: Shimano Sienna Shiman FX series
  11. Thanks all. Other than being coast Guard Approved is there any other difference? Does one keep you floating/alive longer?
  12. Howdy! Took my boys up north a few weeks ago and got into a few fish(a few below) ! Boys are stoked and want to try ice fishing at the same place this winter. I want to be safe so I'm considering finding them some float suits but have little experience. 1. Is it ok to buy used if they are in good condition? 2. Does age of the suit matter? 3. Some suits are not coast guard approved. Are these still generally safe? TIA!
  13. Happy Sunday All, decided to sell my float tube. Only been used on a handful of trips and is is like new condition! Getting too old for those backwoods adventures. This tube retails for $590 US dollars. I will let mine go for $400 but pretty firm on that. Its listed on kijij here, probably quicker if you contact me there... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-fishing-camping-outdoor/st-catharines/outcast-prowler-float-tube-like-new/1554848983?undefined
  14. Good plan. Will have those for sure.
  15. Howdy. Thinking of getting out on the hardwater this year, and thinking of getting a floatation suit. Not much experience with them. I have worn 1 before with a charter, it was bulky. The mustangs are awesome, but cant quite afford them. Any experience with these: https://www.amazon.com/Eskimo-Lockout-Fishing-Jacket-S-5XL/dp/B0719STDF5/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8&th=1 Are bibs required for floatation or do they just keep you warm?
  16. Sounds like I have no other choice but to try this. I'll get'r done, thanks!
  17. Howdy, I've got an inflatable boat from Achilles that sprung a leak last year. I did a DIY repair that got me through the season, but it's leaking again. i'll probably just try another DIY repair after calling the place in Oakville, they wanted $100+ an hour + materials. Wouldn't give me a fixed price(on a patch?). Anybody know a place or person that might be a reasonable cost? I'm in Niagara, so hopefully some place nearby..
  18. Thanks for the tip! Cant wait to get out there...
  19. Thanks for the tip Dave. Hoping that I can get the kids into a few bass, they would love it. If no bass we may go on the hunt for squaretails. Does anyone know Are you allowed a motor in the river/lake?
  20. Howdy! I was lucky enough to find a last minute trip to Bonnechere PP. Been dying to get out and fish! I've never been here, does anyone have experience fishing there? It looks like there is a river that runs through the park that dumps into round lake. I have a zodiac with a 9.9 Are motors allowed on the river, or do I need to launch somewhere else?
  21. Thanks. Do you mean Frontenac Provincial Park, or the area in general?
  22. Howdy! It just worked out that I have some time off mid - late august. I know it's last minute but I'm hoping to get out for 4 - 5 days with the family for some relaxation and maybe to do a little fishing. Being that it's so late, most of the (well known) provincial parks are full. Hoping to find somewhere quiet to bring the trailer(within 3-4 hours of Toronto, maybe a bit more if it's worth it) do a little fishing with the kids. Any suggestions? I have a small zodiac, being able to fish from that would be a bonus.
  23. Wow, is that a tarp tent? Looks great! And great catch!
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