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  1. Shimano Curado rod and reel combo. Reel is a Shimano Curado HG 71 and the rod is a Shimano Curado 7’5 flipping stick. The reel was used once and has a little rash on the top and the rod has never been used. The reel is spooled with Suffix 832 65lb braid and comes with neoprene reel cover and rod glove. Only selling as a combo and will not spilt up. Asking 425, price is firm.
  2. That's true if the waterway is considered navigable, if it's not, like the Ganny then they cannot canoe or kayak through private property. Rich.
  3. Guys, there are still a ton of fish that spawn from Canton south through Sylvan Glen and even below that, now because the temps below the dam in town get too hot throughout the summer most if not all those fry will parish, so that is a mute point. I do however hope the Liberals are able to change fisheries act because i will be making some inquiries with the DFO and MNR, because if you read the act, it states that it "prohibits the harmful alteration, disruption, and destruction of habitat". Now, i'm no genus but all that happens when all those rafts blow through the shallows dredging up the bottom, especially on low water years. Rich.
  4. I just emailed the mayor asking what the town is going to do, so we'll see what he comes back with. Rich.
  5. After 30 years of chasing steelhead i can honestly say I don't enjoy it anymore, it has become a joke, with all the so called "pro-staffers" trying to be youtube sensations. The only time I do go out is after opening day when i can take my 6 year old and fish some private water and not have to worry about the crowds. Rich.
  6. From what I've been told this program is going to be completely different then what going on now. I guess only time will tell, I just hope that it doesn't ruin the fishery that's in place already. Rich.
  7. And because of that the non native Atlantic's get free access to the whole watershed. I bet they left that part out of the meeting yesterday. Rich
  8. Honestly I wouldn't believe anything the MNR or OFAH says anyways, Louis and I know first hand that they will just go back on their word. Louis is correct when it comes to OFAH doing any rehab work, very, very minimal at best. Rich
  9. The MNR is going to turn the Ganny into another Credit river, all migratories stopped at Corbetts with no natural reporduction, and all that will be left are the resi brookies and browns....and im not to sure about the resi browns either when the MNR and OFAH find out that all the atlantic smolts are being eaten by them. Truly a very sad day for the Ganaraska! Rich.
  10. Right so you don't think that consecutive cold/wet summers plus stong year classes returning have nothing to do with it? Then how do you explain an increasing steelhead population since 2009? They increased because of cold/wet summers which created very little smolt die off which intern created strong year classes when those fish returned in 3 years. Your also semi right on your years, the returning population fell a bit in 87 but peaked in 89 to a all time high at around 18,000 and steadly fell to an all time low in 2000. If you look at the harvest rates over those years you will see why the population fell, because it couldn't sustain itself with such a high harvest rate(5 fish limit) along with other contributing factors. Rich.
  11. When did I ever say it didn't have to do with recruitment?! I was arguing the fact that you seem to think that the reason the steelheading population exploded and declined was the fact that the river "silted out" and then "silted back in". Im saying the reason it declined was because the amount of people fishing for them exploded and because of that the harvesting rate increased. The population couldn't keep up with it therefore causing a decline in strong steelhead returns. Rich.
  12. It has nothin to do with the river "silting back in". If you look at the angling trend you'll see right after 89 the steelheading boom took place. If you ask 90% of steelheaders out there when they started they will say the early 90's, it also coincided with Canadian Sport Fishing doing numerous steelheading episodes on G bay and Lake Ont tributaries. Not to mention that they we're naming specific tributaries and places they were fishing. A specific example is the "S bends", in the late 80's you'd see the same group of guys there. Then one day it went from 6 to 30 guys. When I started asking around to my surprise most said they herd it from a Canadian Sport Fishing episode that aired the day before. Rich.
  13. Pellet gun, no problem. Head shot will kill em all the time. Rich.
  14. My Black and Tan coonhound does a pretty good job. Every once in a while he bays one on the ground and disposes of it for me. Rich.
  15. Get there before first light, it should be good for a few hours untill the masses move in and the sun hits the creek, after that call it a day and go home, the fish will be spooked from all the floats being ripped across the pools and the sun. On a positive note you should be home by around 9 or so. Rich.
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