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  1. I think its pretty nice..... For a college campus.
  2. You guys are an amazing bunch!!!
  3. Moved to St. Catharines last month and had another kid in December. Glad to know someone noticed I was gone :-)
  4. The site is better on mobile version!
  5. Dario has never heard of OFC, he entered at the subway. We know so much about Dave's Facts of Fishing site/contests because he partnered with this forum to get lots of traffic from a very promising market! I bet all the OFC guys would try to low ball him anyways, since we know he got it for free!
  6. Sometimes you deep hook a muskie, rather than hurting it by keeping it out of the water and screwing about in its mouth, you just cut the hook to keep your lure and release the fish quicker!
  7. $45k is a lot of money for some people (probably not someone who can afford richmondhill) and like someone said... he won it, he can do w/e he wants with it! Grats Dario! And he won this a while ago... he probably used it before it got too cold out!
  8. Bah, hes one of those people who believe we are running out of land fill space! Believes anything a guy in a suit tells him. Don't bother wasting your breath!
  9. this thread is awesome
  10. Looks like an OFC party!
  11. No taxes? This can't be the Canadian bass pro! lol Funny joke though! I think I've heard something similar with a different subject matter!
  12. Breed does say a bit about the dog... but at the end of the day the dog acts how the owner trains it. So if its a shelter dog or a purebred, it doesn't matter... do what feels right, and make sure you have enough time for another dog!
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