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  1. I just bought the abu from sail, super cheap, good range of lure and line weights, 8'6" and it seems like a pretty solid rod, just have to grab the reel to match now!
  2. pretty much yes, change colors/baits after 20-30 minutes with no action, but make sure you cover the water, dont repeat the same drift over and over again, one you dont want to spook the fish too badly, and 2 sometimes all it takes is a foot one way or the other to make all the difference.
  3. Haha and a Mcdonald's apple pie! I caught some in the spring on riverwood worms fished almost weightless, wacky rigged like senkos, the trout were actually chasing them it was awesome.
  4. I would say approximately 42.75", nice fish!
  5. I find that like a lot of species, trout prefer brighter colors when the water is stained, and more natural when it is clear, having said that I have caught trout on the pink worms in clear water, I would pick up some red berkley worms also, I have done really well on that color in the past. I also like to use live worms, but smaller 2-3inch ones on a small #8 or 10 salmon hook below a float. Obviously lighter line, and smaller flies/artificial in clearer water. I find the perfect color for the water is the greenish tinge with about 3-4 feet of visibility, which usually occurs a day or 2 after a good rain. Try fishing the head of a pool, where the fast water goes into the deeper slower water, throw your rig into the shallower water and let it drift down into the deeper water so that the rig is at proper depth as the water gets deeper, alot of active fish will hold in the head of the pool and wait for a meal to get washed down to them, so if you start your drift in the deeper section of the pool, you might pass over some active fish. Also try to fish the seams where the fast current breaks with the slower water, and back eddies, it allows a bit of a slower drift, while still presenting the bait to trout that are holding in the current. The tail end of pools, and current breaks like big rocks, I find holds less active fish, but they still can be caught, always remember to let your drift go as long as you can stand it, sometimes you will be surprised how many fish pick up a bait at the end of a drift. Fallen trees and blow-downs that provide shade can be key when the sun is high also. Sometimes a bottom bouncing rig works better than a float, so experiment a little bit if you aren't getting anything after a while using one presentation. Also remember to talk to fellow anglers, sometimes particular rivers will have certain colors that outproduce others, so talking to someone who fishes there a lot can come in handy.
  6. Awesome pics Mike, That reflection pic is wicked! There is definitely something special about stream fishing, the sound of water is relaxing when there aren't a bunch of people snagging with a spin cast reel and 4' rod I see way too much garbage some of the places that I go fishing, I think that Karma has been good to you on the streams judging by the variety of fish that you caught! Have you caught any shopping carts lately? now that would be a cool pic I should buy an underwater camera and take some pictures of snags where I fish and put them in a book to use when the river is stained, the camera would pay for itself in hooks/flies, sinkers and floats haha
  7. wow, it sounds very well thought out and well said, good on you for putting family first though. I just hope that my wife doesnt see this post or she might expect the same out of me, I am definitely addicted to fishing and see some of the same symptoms that you do. good luck in the future, and I will miss seeing those fat Simcoe Smallies!
  8. Yes I have heard that also, and the snow comes down sideways!
  9. Interesting thread I have always wondered about North Bay as well, I sometimes apply for jobs near there that are posted where I work, it is one of the less obscure places on the list! i.e. Kapuskasing, Barrett Chute, Atikokan, Ear Falls etc. I always apply just for the hell of it, if I ever got a job offer, I might have to think about it though! I have driven through North Bay and it seemed nice enough, like lots of people here have said. It seemed like a big town/small town feel at the same time, I think it would not be such a hard transition from the GTA. On a similar note, has anyone lived/had experience near Kincardine/Port Elgin? I have a job offer there that I am thinking about, but I don't think I want to leave the company I am with right now.
  10. that sounds ridiculous, if he wants someone there watching him, it should not be out of your pocket, I bet he was paying the kid minimum wage!
  11. Nice fish man, holy crap, erie looks like glass in those pics!
  12. Nice shots, and really nice fish!
  13. Nice fish, that Musky looks chunky and healthy!
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