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  1. Great movie about bad cops and drugs, the BEST car chase scene ever, better than the one in Bullet. The ending will knock your socks off.. "To Live and Die in L.A."
  2. I started fishing when I was 5 years old, my boyhood chum had a grampa who took the 2 of us young guys out fishing a lot of times, We fished at Howdenvale just north of Wiarton, we had a spot known to the locals as 'the crib" , actually on old ship wreck of sorts. caught sunfish and perch but it was always fun. Later on as an adult, I read on magazine article called Flyfishing for Bass. That was it, I was hooked on it, Bass and a flyrod are like Peanut Butter and Jam, they really do belong together.
  3. Thanks for your input, greatly appreciated.🙂
  4. Hi Guys and Gals, I need a family recipe, easy cook recipe , My wife has Glaucoma and we would appreciate LARGE FONTS if you can please. Her vision is impaired . Scalloped Potatoes were her Grampa"s favorite-----mine to.
  5. Terrible tragedy, just imagine the amount of flammables in the immediate area, gasoline, propane, and all the combustible material to go along with the flames from all the water craft near by. Escaping flames on some large boats must be a problem, smaller windows and doorways for example. Very sad for the families indeed.
  6. January 1971, I worked a Sunday 7-3 shift and had plans to go look at a car I was thinking about buying. Very cold day and my car in the parking lot has a flat tire LR, then lug nuts are all really tight and as each one breaks loose on the studs, that sends a painful sensation up my arms, finally get tire changed and I am really cold now. Driving to Beamsville on QEW and my oil warning light comes on, back in the day and on a Sunday, no gas stations open on highway. Had to divert to #8 and hunt up a place to buy some oil, finally found a place and put in 2 quarts of oil. Now its really dark and I am looking for farm house address in a place that I know nothing about, no cell phones back then. lucky for me I ask at a house and get the direction I needed, arrive at the farm and there are cars parked every which way, guy is having a family re-union , lots of people, knock on the door and speak to the car owner, plan is I will keep car for a day to see if I like it. cant locate the damn keys and we look for about half an hour, find them, go outside and start the car and leave the farm in Beamsville. Look at the gas guage and its on fumes, take the 50 road exit to go the highway 8 for fuel and the car runs out of gas on the exit ramp. I am still cold and have not had anything to eat since noon, I see a house light away off the distance and walk to it and knock on the door. 2 elderly ladies wont allow me in to use the phone to call the car owner for help, after 15 minutes of sweet talking, they finally allow me in. I find the car owners number in the phone book and call him to come and get me, on the phone I can hear that he is drunk due to re-union at his house, I thank the ladies and walk back to the stalled car, oh oh , OPP is parked on the ramp and is not a happy camper that the car is on the ramp. I tell him the owner is on his way with gasoline and I will be on my way soon, then I realize that the owner is intoxicated and on his way. Owner shows up and its so cold that the OPP officer stays in his cruiser, put gas in the tank and down the carb but the battery dies and now we have to turn the car he came in and turn it around on the ramp to boost the dead battery, Cop is fuming in his car. Got the car started , OPP left the scene and I told the car owner I did not want the car, we go back to his farm and I say bye bye. Get into my car but cant turn it around due to more family members have arrived, so I have to reverse back to the road down a long dark driveway and yes I go off the driveway and into the ditch, cant get out, go back to the farm house and explain my woes, He says no problem, just use his tractor to pull me out, cant find tractor key , look for 10 minutes to find them, go to barn and tractor wont start, fiddle with it for half an hour and it fires up. Get car out and finally get home in Hamilton ant 11.30 PM, very cold and hungry not to mention uptight, This is true story, I thought about calling Hollywood and asking if they could make a movie about it, what a horrible day it was.
  7. Some excellent advice from the man OI. Well said JD.
  8. We here at our home have always things that we do at New Years, Parties, funny shirts, great food, many wine types and beverages. Your traditions and best memories are what????
  9. I have had the best trips staying with an outfitter, he is there if you have an issue with anything. Used a fly in operaters 3 times and have been disappointed 3 times, never again will I use a fly in camp. They take your money and leave you in the outpost, you stay for you allotted time, they pick you up when they bring in the next group, they will likely be disappointed to.
  10. Back in the day when the Government approved the "Young Offenders Act" , Maximum 5 year penalty for ANY CRIME!! I thought to myself, those Politicians just gave kids a "licence to kill" I have found that to be true, kids have more rights than adults and their own parents have. Society better wake up and stiffen the penalties for these so called "children" My heart aches for the family of the latest killing in Hamilton of a student.
  11. My wife and I were at the Jays vs Yankee's game today, We sat in great area, second row. Four people, ( girls in early 20s) sat in the row behind us and talked and laughed loudly and giggled, paying no attention to the game action.. After I gave them 3 dirty looks, that were ignored, I asked the people beside us in our row, if they were pissed off about the fans behind and they said yes they were. Put up with this for 5 innings and as I was about to blow my top, my wife sensed my mood and said lets just leave and go home. To make her happy, I said OK, and we left, got on the train and headed home. Missed the last 3 innings of a game, BTW, our seats cost us $110.00 as a couple.. What would you have done???? Should I have done something else, I await response.
  12. my 15 horse Johnson had the same issue, problem was solved with a new "QUALITY MADE BY MANUFACTERER " gas line hose assembly. Hooked it up and have not problems since,
  13. You can't regulate stupid. Its everywhere. People are breeding it. All you can do is watch your own back. I totally agree with Sinker, Common sense has fallen to the wayside. My question is this, is there such a thing as boating and texting?? The answer is,???, I await your comments Ladies and Gentlemen.
  14. CP24 NEWS reports that the OPP divers have recovered a body near Featherstone Point on Lake Erie. Sorry for the family
  15. I have learned in my life time so far , Happy Wife = Happy Life. 39 years of marriage is a milestone these days.
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