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  1. I went in the last week for a new pair of work boots they had on sale. One left in my size. I pulled them out to try them on and noticed all the packing was shredded. Thought that's odd, moved it around and seen mouse droppings everywhere. There was a nest in one of the boots...
  2. Any hardware store will cary wing nuts. Have a look around I'm sure you will find something,
  3. This is how life should be lived! I love your post's but this is over the top lol, you have a great family, including your dog haha
  4. That must have left a crappie taste in your mouth haha....... There was a lake up north near camp that had lots of specks. My grandfather lost almost a full limit and thought maybe turtles got them or they some how shook off the stringer. He put another one on and almost lost it too, it was otters.. They moved in and cleaned the small lake out completely..
  5. Ill be going up that way sometime this week for some spake and im hoping to test out my sled. Does anyone know if there is snow up that way yet?
  6. I'd rather go with a smaller metal swivel because if I'm going to use a swivel to connect my lines then I'm going to be using a spinner or something that is constantly moving and if they dont get scarde off by your main line the swivel shouldn't bug them. If they where snap swivels though I might be interested because of there nutural buoyancy. It would be great for throwing topwater and jerkbaits.
  7. That combo would get some of the old school float fishermen drooling
  8. Sweet find mike, I always kept my eye out for one. We should go out for crappie next spring I'll bring my cormorant. Nothin like noodlin for crappie haha
  9. Sorry to hear about your heart surgery going bad. It looks like you made up the lost time in the hospital though, awesome fish. Glad to see you had a good season to take your mind off things.
  10. Kissin Sorry Mike J/k lol, I still can't help but be jealous. Were going to have to get a lot more often next year.
  11. My gf just read your comment and says "hah they noticed I out fished you" Looks like she will be down to one rod next year... Lol
  12. Thanks guys, it is nice being able fish with my gf all the time but she told me she isn't bass fishing with me next year, unless I get her atleast two more baitcasting setups.. Girls, they gotta have everything.. Lmao She wants to learn how to flip jigs next year.
  13. 2012 has been a fun year for me. It started off slow with no boat because my motor wouldn't run. My uncle lent me his boat for bass opener but we didn't do so good. Here's a double header me and my gf had My mother and step father ended up buying some property up north of CoeHill, next to a small lake. So I fixed up my motor and brought my boat up. I spent most of my time clearing property, hanging out with my family and working for neighbors who were renovating and building houses. So I didn't get out as much as I would have liked but who ever does lol. I was told that the lake had lake trout and what I read about it online said that was true, and that it also had small bass. I was getting excited about fishing lake trout but found out there population in the lake has severely declined and they are very hard to catch if even possible. So that was a buzz kill, but figured I would still have some fun fishing bass. I was given a tour of the lake by a neighbor and he also showed me how to get into a small back lake that has lots of bass and boats for anyone's use that had been dragged in by sled. I've always liked the idea of fishing back lakes that don't usually get fished so I decided to start there first lol. When me and my gf had time we went and hiked into the back lake and dragged one of the many boats that were there into the water fashioned an anchor out of rock and rope and paddled away. It didn't take long for us to realize how incredible the fishing really was. First cast at a rock point, I'm snagged.... Nope fishhh!! Second cast near the same point, another fish, now my gf yells fish on. We spent most of the morning there and had a great time. Here's some of the bass we caught that day. Although we didn't catch any big bass, my gf did loose a 4-5lber that threw her bait in mid air and we got over 50 bass in the 2 pound range between us. Fun times for sure. We got out the next day but it was raining so we decided to check out a bit of the main lake. Some of the structure we past was crazy. Steep drops and fallen trees When we had another chance to get out we couldn't resist going into the back lake again. So we headed out but this time decided to do a little fishing in the main lake, fishing the shore line up to where the path started. Before we got there we found this "Lobster" dead on the bottom of the lake, when I first seen it I thought to my self do people really use 10-12" plastic cray fish here for bass? Then figured out it was dead and turned white.. Now I need to find 10-12" plastic cray fish So we hiked into the lake again and put "our" boat in the water and got back to fishing. The action didn't change! Again, no big fish to show for it but too many bass to count. We went back to the property, after dinner we went back out to fish the main lake for an hour before dark. Did a little better then I expected, still nothing big but lots of numbers and slightly larger fish. So the next morning I woke up and me and my gf decided to walk down to the lake with our fishing rods. We took a couple casts and I though well the boats in the water, why are we standing here lol. We decided to go to one spot fish it then go back and make break fast. I drove the boat out into the lake and made my way up to some fallen trees. Nailed a nice 3 pounder before I got to them and then hit this big girl. Didn't get any good pictures because it was on my cell phone and my gf thought she was taking lots of pictures but only got a couple due to both of her thumbs having band aids on them.. All those bass had her thumbs bleeding These pictures just don't do any justice for this fish.. It was just under 24"!!! But I was pumped after that to say the least. Well that made me want to fish the main lake more, and that I did. I quickly learned the lake and figured out how to get into bigger fish after loosing a couple giants. Then that sound none of us want to hear on a hook set.... SNAP!! Luckily Gagnon Sports helped me out and replaced my rod for me. Thanks again Mike. So a week later I was up doing some drywall in a neighbors house and decided to go out for an hour at dinner. Fishing was slow but I nailed a 3 1/2 out of some fallen trees so I kept fishing. Right before I gave up I had a huge bass come out of now where and chase my jig. I dropped it back for her and she grabbed it. Heard my new rod crack on the hook set but that was probably my fault Had her in the boat in less then 3 seconds.. Not sure if I put to much pressure on the fish bringing it in that quick but it wouldn't revive.. I tried for 5 mins, threw it in the boat. It started flopping around finally so I tried again.. belly up wouldn't budge.. Back in the boat. Started moving and it started flopping again so back in the water again but it still wouldn't budge.. I got out a couple more times with neighbors I was working for and did some drop shotting with good results, no pictures though. Before we called it a year me and my gf went back up to fish the back lake again. We heard there are pike in there so we figured we would give them a shot but no luck. There were still a couple little bass that were willing to bite. I was taking a fish off and wasn't being very careful and got hooked my self... I knew it was going to happen which was the worst part, no wait it was when the bass was flopping around hanging off my thumb.. I didn't have cutters on me so I just took the hook off and dealt with it being there. Back to fishing. Then a storm came in and ended our day and season off. I can't wait until bass opens up again next year, but until then I'm going to be fishing splake, specks, and lake trout from surrounding lakes so I don't think you'll hear me complaining much Thanks for reading I hope every one else enjoyed there 2012 season!
  14. Looks like you had an awesome season last year. Great video, thanks for posting.
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