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  1. If you want some good crankbaits try luckycraft CB200 (especially Aurora Black) and Evergreens Wildhunch they are not cheap but they work!
  2. I was just down near hay bay his past weekend and it was tough fishing 5 and half hours on the water and I only caught one walleye and it was way under the slot limit we were up at a place called Shermans Point there was a lot of floating weeds on the surface that made it very difficult to troll without getting weeds on your lure. I did notice that there was fishermen out from shermans point in deep water drifting so maybe that's where the walleye were hiding I also found the water more murkier than usual there must have been a good wind storm that churned up the bottom.
  3. What crankbait does everyone like to use while trolling for walleye me I have several such as Salmo and Wallydiver's
  4. I haven't been down to Bay of Quinte since early spring for Walleye and I was wondering how they are biting I just bought a new boat and i'm dying to get out there!!!
  5. I agree with misfish you can't go wrong with Pflueger they are a nice running reel I have several of the Presedent series and they have 10 ball bearings for a smooth retrieve.I've owned Zebco/Quantum and I will never own one again!!!!
  6. Where on the St. Lawrence river did you catch the walleye???
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