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  1. I could be wrong but my 2013 40hp 4 stroke is a yamaha power head
  2. Had a decal put on my work truck and they first sprayed soapy water from a dollar store spray bottle, mix was soap and water (not sure of the amount of soap) carefully put decal on and because of the mix was easy to move decal to align to position after they used a rubber spatula to remove bubbles ,wiped it down and let it sit for 24hrs to allow to dry (any sooner hiway speeds can lift it) never uderstood why it didnt peel off but there was never any issue put over 200,000km on that truck before I switched trucks
  3. Thankyou for all your advice its greatly appreciated
  4. Planning a trip to Stoney lake in Aug with my son wondering if I could get some pointers Never fished this lake but heard good things thanks in advance
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